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In June 1992 we gave back keys to our house and in Dec 1992 my husband declared Voluntary Bankruptcy. At time we took advice from an Insovency practioner and a local solicitor that it was highly unlikely that Abbey National would chase me for the debt. After the bankruptcy we rented accomadation for 7 yrs. The Abbey national contacted me in 1996 through Eversheds, chasing us both for the money. To cut a very long story short, I have spent years paying off my debts, with arrangements through creditors. During this time I have paid Abbey National #30.00 per month as I had no lump sum to offer them. Until last week I had not heard from them for about a year now they have contacted both my husband and I. So I have written to explain the bankruptcy once again. I recently applied for a car loan (my third with this company). This car is for my husbands use as I took over the original loan when he was made bankrupt. As my credit record with them has always been good they do not ask for finacial details, so although I am not working probably Eversheds think I am due to this loan. My husband has recently bought a house although I am not on the mortgage policy.Do Eversheds have any legal rights to know my husbands financial position? Do they have any rights to know my financial position? They have asked to see my bank statements.My only income by right is Child Benefit. I would be very interested to know where I stand.

-- (, May 30, 2000

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