UPDATE - eCHART Glitch Spams Readers

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eCHART errors spam ChartAttack readers! Tuesday May 30, 2000 @ 07:00 AM

By: Jeffrey Haas

ChartAttack.com's technical team would like to apologize for an error in our e-mailing program which caused some of our Weekly Newsletter readers to receive multiple copies. A small glitch in our code caused this to happen. It has now been fixed and the offending code writer has been beaten. Severely.

If you're tempted to unsubscribe from the newsletter because of what you feel was unnecessary spam, please re-read the eCHART and decide whether or not it "being in the know" about the music scene will add something to your life. If so, continue to subscribe and enjoy your single weekly copy in the future.



-- (Dee360Degree@aol.com), May 30, 2000

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