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NSW Commuters Find Computer Glitch Just the Ticket

12:52 Tuesday 30 May 2000 AAP

COMMUTERS around the state have been buying vastly discounted monthly and yearly rail tickets after a computer glitch extended the New South Wales Government's offer of cheap fares intended for this week only.

CityRail put a hasty ban on the sale of the longer term tickets when it discovered the problem this morning.

NSW Transport Minister Carl Scully had announced a 20 per cent discount on all rail travel this week and a completely fare free day tomorrow as a gesture of goodwill following weeks of breakdowns and delays in the system.

However, commuters got more than Scully bargained for when the CityRail computer network failed to distinguish between weekly, monthly and yearly tickets when subtracting the 20 per cent.

Those travelling from Hornsby to the City were able to save up to $300 on a yearly ticket while commuters from Newcastle to Sydney could have saved $534.

CityRail spokesman Wayne Geddes said the problem was detected when unusual numbers of commuters turned up at train stations to buy the pre-paid tickets as word of mouth spread.


-- (, May 30, 2000

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