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I thought I would give my review of how season 6 was. Well this season was sad and happy. First the happy stuff. Carol had her twins. Then she went back to Doug. Now the sad stuff. Jeanie and Carol left. Lucy died. Carter went doenhill after barely surviving and knowing he could have prevented Lucy's death. I like other people fell like ER shouldn't have killed Lucy off. The show isn't the same anymore now that she is gone. Carol leaving was sad. She and Lucy were two of my favorite characters on the show. Carter is the only one left that I like. The only thing I didn't like about Carol was how she treated Lucy. When Lucy died she acted as if she didn't care that she had died. As for Carter I hope he gets the help he needs. At least he finally admits to feeling partly responsible for Lucy's death. I think admitting that may help him start to heal. That's just my opinion though. So this season will go down as the greatest season so far in my opinion. I hope next season will be good. I know it won't be the same without Julianna Margulies and Kellie Martin. I wonder if anyone from ER actually reads this stuff. Who knows right? If by some chance they do I want to say good luck to Julianna and Kellie and I'll miss you both! The show won't be the same without you! I hope Noah Wyle, Kellie Martin and Julianna get emmy nominations this year. I know some will disagree about Kellie but I think she deserves it after doing a great job in "All in the Family" which was my favorite episode as well as the saddest. I'm sorry if this is a little long.

-- Cammie (, May 29, 2000


I totally agree with you in every aspect! "All In The Family" was MY favorite episode too! I cried for an hour after it went off! My favorite characters were Carol, Lucy, and Carter. And if the actors do read this stuff I wish the best to Julianna and Kellie and I hope that Noah will stay on the show until the end!

-- Stephanie (, May 30, 2000.

Lucy was my favorite character. I miss her everytime I watch. I hope she does get that emmy nod, but I doubt it is to be.

-- Alice (, June 06, 2000.

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