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I tried asking this on another discussion group, but only got one response, so I thought I would try here too. I just recently started reading ER fanfics as a way of killing time this summer, and some of the ones I've found are pretty good. But almost all of them seem to be about Doug and Carol, or Carter and somebody or other. Does anyone know of sites that have stories about Mark Greene? I know a lot of people think he's boring or scrawny, but I like his character a lot and think he's very sweet and even sexy. Are there any good stories about him out there? The ones I did find had a tendency to be a little bit depressing, poor Mark never seems to get the girl in the end.

-- Cecelia (, May 29, 2000


You should check out SixteenOzs' Fan Fiction site. The addy is She has stories about Mark and Susan and some about Mark and Elizabeth. I've only read the latter but they were excellent. I highly recommend them to any Mark fans.

-- Amelia D. (, May 29, 2000.


I know the problem you have. I mean, I love Doug and Carol and I bet the fanfic is pretty good, but Sherry Stringfield, alias Susan Lewis, was my all-time favorite. I searched for fanfic on the net, but I couldn't find so much. In the fanfic she is most of the time together with Mark, so I can give you an adress where they have some fanfics with Susan and Mark, I hope that will do.

A great site! I hope you like it!

-- Suzey (, March 06, 2001.

Holy crap--voices from the past!

-- Cecelia (, March 06, 2001.

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