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My Dad and brother adjusted Salitin's broiler pen plans to fit laying hens. They built fairly high peaked roof on top of the regular 10x12 pen and attached 4 laying boxes to the side. This of course made it very heavy, so Owen found some wheels and attached some bar to the front two corners. Every time he wants to move it, he just slides the wheels on to the front and slips the dolly under the back and tugs a little and the whole thing rolls along like a dream! The hens love it, because they have more room to flap about and to roost up in the roof. I just thought that some of you may be interested. If you can't understand anything I have just written, let me know and I'll get Owen to explain it in further detail. WTYL!

-- Abigail F. (, May 29, 2000


We live within 15 miles of Joel Salatin's farm, so I have been there to see his operation. I am freshly inspired every time I visit. I recommend his books highly!

I also am planning to build an "improvement" on his chicken pen. I plan to make a simple A-frame with a small door in the front, cover the entire thing with chicken wire, and then cover with a tarp over most of it. I would have room to put a couple of nests and a few roosts in there.

Joel says a lot that his philosophy concerning keeping animals, is to allow that animal to express their natural instincts. However, that to me, means allowing a chicken to get her feet off the ground in wet weather. Thus the A-frame with roosts running across.

I need to make it lightweight enough to move myself, as I a a small woman. I have thought of using a working dog for this job if I would raise a lot of chickens Salatin style...

-- daffodyllady (, May 11, 2001.

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