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Since the season's over, I thought I'd bring up some possible relationships. First, I was thinking of how much I would like Carter to find a nice relationship soon. I think it would be pretty interesting if the writers developed some kind of relationship between Carter and Abby. When he returns, knowing Carter, he will probably feel horrible about how he treated both Abby and Deb. I am sure he will talk to both of them about it. Deb has been his friend for awhile, and I seem to just picture them staying that way, but you never know! So anyways, I was thinking of Carter and Abby because, first, in an indirect way, she saved him, second, until that day he had been a great and considerate teacher to her and she seemed to respect him a lot, so I'm assuming she will readily except his apology, though Carter will probably feel he still needs to make it up to her for awhile. It would be an entertaining relationship to see slowly develop. I know some do not like Abby, and I'm not totally convinced that I would want her to be with Carter either (got to be careful who they put with our sweet doctor :) I like to see Carter with more outgoing, relaxed girlfriends (Harper, Anna, Lucy...okay he didn't go out with the last two) ...but it would be a good storyline and maybe he would make Abby smile more than she does now! I could see her helping him deal with his problems. I know people are tired of coworkers coupling up, but it isn't too unrealistic; people do that all the time in real life, it's easy to fall for someone you work with every day.

Also, I know that in the past month or so, some (including me) have brought up the parallel between the Mark/Doug/Susan/Carol relationship and a Carter/Malucchi/(Abby)/Deb relationship. I don't know that Deb and Malucchi should hook up or not, but a relationship between the four could be fun to watch too. Not to exclude Mark and Benton...yea, surround Carter with all the friends he needs!

-- Elaine (, May 29, 2000


Personally I think TPTB shouldn't jump Carter into a new relationship right away. He's a recovering addict. I believe one of the rules of a recovering alcoholic is to avoid new romantic entanglements. I'm sure it's the same for drug addicts also.

Another thing is there are too many co-worker relationships on ER. Carol & Doug and Mark & Elizabeth are enough. I don't want to see everyone hopping into bed with everyone else on the show. It was nice when Carter (just about every blond who's been on the show, Mark (Jennifer), Benton (Carla), Carol (Shep), Doug (all flight attendants and more) and others had relationships that showed what their life was like outside the ER.

If anyone needs a relationship, it's Kerry!

-- AmyE (, May 29, 2000.

I agree that Carter should not jump into another relationship too quickly. Maybe after the first of next year. Personally, I was a little sick of the "who's Carter going to bag this year?" that happened each season. It got old.

I can't stand Abby, and I'm so afraid that's where the writers are going. But if they do, it would be hypocritical since Carter's objection to being with Lucy was that she was a med student and it was against the rules. After Abby graduates (Lord knows she should've failed her ER rotation by now!), Carter will become an attending, which will make him one of her bosses. So, it would still not be a good idea.

And I just can't picture them together. Abby's probably just 4 or 5 years older than Carter, but she seems so much older to me. I agree that he needs to be with someone who will loosen him up a bit, and I just don't see Abby as that person. And I think it would be so much healthier for him to have a stable relationship outside of the ER.

I agree that Kerry should get a man next season (and not Carter!).

I know that it is realistic that people who work together often date, but I think there would be too much of it on the show if anyone else got together. We already have two "inter-hospital" romances going on, if you can call them that. I would love to see the cast interact more as friends. Actually, the relationship I most want to see play out is a friendship between Carter and Benton. Watching the TNT reruns makes me long for another strong friendship on the show like the one that Mark and Doug had. And maybe some of the women could be friends, too, instead of getting into catfights over the men.

-- Avan (, May 29, 2000.

I just don't see Carter with either Abby or Chen. I think Carter has done a good job teaching Abby. I've noticed that when Carter is supervising Abby, she has not messed up. I would like to see Carter contining to teach Abby, but nothing more. I am more interested in Carter having friendships with some of the other established cast. I'm just not a fan of Chen. I would still love to see Carter and Kerry together. If it does not ever happen , I would like to eventually see both settle into a nice, serious relationship with someone outside the hospital. These are the only two ER character i'm really interested in seeing have a love life. I love seeing Dave get turned down all the time. I hope that continues.

-- Brenda (, May 30, 2000.

I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who thinks this, because I've bounced it around with friends and none of them think it's very plausible, but I would like to see Carter and Chuny together. I don't know why, it just seems they have a very comfortable working relationship and a good friendship. Scenes from season 5, whether it be after the Lucy encounter, or otherwise, and then the snowball fight in "Great Expectations" shows a pretty cool relationship. I mean, it's just friendship but I think something beyond that would be fun.

I really don't want to see Carter and Abby with anything more than a friendship, and Carter and Deb would be hard to look at from anything other than a friendship. I mean sure, TPTB have given us some pretty interesting match-ups in the past but I don't think I'd adapt well to Carter with either of them. Malucci and Chen, maybe...

-- Joanne (, May 30, 2000.

Joanne, actually, I was totally an advocate for that a month or two ago, and I still am. I would love to see Carter and Chuney together; I love the scenes you mentioned and because they would just be too cute. ANd since there seems to be no hard feelings between Chuney and Mark, I think it would be funny for Mark and Carter to talk about both being with her...could make for some funny conversations.

As for Abby, it's just an idea, I would be happy with them just as friends too, I just thought it would make for an interesting storyline considering her involvment in him getting help.

-- Elaine (, May 30, 2000.

I was just surfing around and found this site, and I'm just wondering why everyone doesn't like Abby. She is my favorite character on ER. She is strong and has been through a lot in life. I really like the way the writers have created a character that does not fit into the cutesy, flirtatious, pretty-girl stereotype by creating an intelligent, strong character such as Abby. And perhaps this is the reason why some do not like her. It seems like people are much more willing to forgive a male character when he has problems in his life that might make him sometimes act in a less than outgoing way than a female character in a similar situation, It's really too bad that the problems of female characters are so often not considered important.

-- Jamie (, February 24, 2001.

All of the posts you read were made last year during Season 6. Abby's character has changed this season. Last year she drove me crazy; this year I find her much more likeable.

-- Patricia (, February 24, 2001.

Excuse me but if I am not mistaken Kerry IS in a relationship. That some people may not like or approve of her choice of partner does not negate it's existence

-- (, February 25, 2001.

I think that Carter likes Abby and Abby likes Carter but Abby doesn't want to admit to herself that she she likes him. If anyone has an idea why please E-mail me!

-- Rachel (, August 18, 2001.

My thinking, Rachel, is that perhaps Abby is afraid to admit her feelings for Carter because, for Abby, Carter may just be "the one." For someone whose relationship with her mother (oh so important in one's formative years) is so painful, Abby is probably afraid of real intimacy--the emotional kind. Just my thoughts...

-- Malik (as in Mal-ick, as opposed to Mal-eek) (, August 19, 2001.

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