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Do any of the longtime ER fans remember when we hear about new cast members that will be added in the fall? I didn't know about this website last fall so I didn't know how far ahead of time anyone knew about Luka, Dr. Dave, etc... Were there a lot of rumors that ended up being untrue? (One of these fine days, our Carter needs to find a true love, don't you all agree? I wonder if any of his previous women will resurface? And Kerry needs to find someone, too! Everyone on the show gets more lovin' than Kerry.) Do TPTB ever drop someone during the summer without the fans knowing it? Kind of like "Doyle-ing" them over the summer hiatus? I'd love some info from an ER veteran! Thanks!!!!

-- joan (, May 28, 2000


Yeah, they dropped Maria Bello over the summer, but I suspect people who read spoliers knew about it.

-- Teddy (, July 24, 2001.









yeah, and they just added sherry stringfield, which wasn't made official until june sometime, but, again, most people who read spoileres had heard about that. and sherry stringfield was the subject of that yahoo rumor last year, but this time, it's real. she will NOT be appearing in the first episode, though.

-- e. kerry (, July 30, 2001.

I understand that Elizabeth Mitchell's character, Dr. Kim Legespi (sp?) is on for next season, as well. Looks like Kerry will get that lovin' afterall, so to speak! I, too, am excited about the return of Susan. I think it will ensure the show's large following. It's weird, the character has been gone for like 5 years, but the interest in her is still so intense.

-- Malik (, August 06, 2001.

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