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We have extensive coverage of Emoscop.

There is a russian made 2.5 x 17.5mm spyscope on the market. made by MGT in Russia. It looks very much alike the telescope part of Emoscop, but apparently of their own design. The lenses are coated, the image quality is very good.

One interesting feature of the MGT 2.5 spy telescope is that it has a handle which can be attached to the middle finger, then use the thumb and index finter to focus the lens single handly, unlike Emoscop/telescope which must be operated by two hands

The second feature of MGT telescope is it is focused by rotation of the barrel, which is threaded, like focusing a lens.

There is no distant marking on the MGT lens barrel.

However, I think I can calibrate the telescope barrel to create a focusing scale on it to serve as another "focusing aid" for Minox cameras (8x11/35mm)

The same company also makes a midget 'opera scope" by twining two MGT telescopes.

Both the MGT monocular and opera telescope are made of metal, looks quite rugged.

This KGB 2.5x spy scope comes with a container, which looks like a small size 35mm film can.

I am guessing, that there must be a Russian made Emoscop, because simply by adding a additional 10x loupe in front of the MGT 2.5X telescope makes it into a Russian Emoscop !

-- martin tai (, May 28, 2000


Response to Russian made spyscope

After some practice, I find that it is easier to loop thIS KGB spy mocular on the index finger, hold the ring steady with thumb then use only the middle finger to focus it

-- martin tai (, May 28, 2000.

For more info about this KGB spy telescope contact John F Abbott at

He runs a spy equipment shop in Toronto Yorville district.

-- martin tai (, May 29, 2000.

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