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Whatever happened to eRay? (am I spelling it right) How did they write him off the show? And why was he named "eRay"?

-- Tracy (, May 27, 2000


Sorry this is not an answer, just another question. Since the above was a what happened to question, I have one too. What happened to Loretta, the ex-hooker, who had cervical cancer and was not reacting well to radiation treatment? When I last saw her, in season two, she asked Mark to be a guardian to her children. He politely declined, but he said she would recover and she wouldn't be needing to find a guardian. Was her fate ever revealed? I haven't seen most of season 3 and 4 yet. Thanks.

-- SB (SB @, May 27, 2000.

I always thought his name was E.Ray kinda like G.Gordon Liddy. I don't know where he floated off to.

-- maryann (, May 27, 2000.

I'm sorry this isn't really an answer either, but as I read through the categories of the 'ERiq Awards' something came to my mind which might help you out. Wouldn't it be fun to arrange some Interview with the writers of 'ER' concerning the 'bobbed, doyled or otherwise missing characters'? Like for example: 'Mr. Wells, what exactly happened to Maggie Doyle this season? Or where did 'Bob' go?' Sometimes I wonder if those writers even remember what (or who) they brought up three or four years ago. On the other hand, they are sometimes incredibly good at bringing up old ER 'traditions' or jokes like in SSS or May Day. I figured though that if they would explain every character's departure or future they couldn't concentrate on the main characters any more. (especially since we have such a big cast!) However, I'm kinda disappointed they don't mention Maggie anymore. She used to have a lot of good storylines in Season 3 and 4 and I think they can't just get rid off her without telling why.

-- anne (, May 28, 2000.

Add to the list of "Where'd they go...?" Timmy and Jerry. As long as they keep Randi, I won't complain (too much).

-- Arianne (, June 02, 2000.

Arianne, who's Timmy? Also, I loved that Andrew guy that was around as a desk clerk in Family Matters and some other episodes this season...he was VERY cute and funny; in one of the shows, I don't remember which, he did impressions of Keanu Reeves and some other famous people. I REALLY wish they would bring him back, hell, make him a lead character. Keep him, Randi, and bring back Jerry at the front desk, and I'd be happy. (they can keep Frank as a temp, he's okay too)

-- Elaine (, June 02, 2000.

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