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Since it is summer and not too much is going on, I thought I'd ask everyone this question. What do you think would have been the perfect way for Doug and Carol to reunite?

-- Jenna (, May 27, 2000


I think they finally found the perfect way. Since Carol was too proud (as she said herself)to let Doug back in her life it was absolutely necessary that she went out to him and admitted the strength of her real feelings to both herself and especially to Doug. I`m satisfied at last.:)

-- Susie (, May 28, 2000.

I honestly think that it would have been better if he came to get her, not so much so that we could see him in the ER again (although I would have loved that), but because I wish he had come and shown her that he would go back to her if she wanted him to. Chicago was her home; she gave up a lot to take herself and their daughters out to Seattle. Don't get me wrong, I loved their last scene, it was pretty perfect, and I wouldn't want to pass up that house by the water either!...but I wish she could know that eventually he would know to go against what she told him and return to her. And then they could decide together to go to Seattle.

-- Elaine (, May 28, 2000.

You have good points, Elaine.:) And I wouldn`t complain if Doug actually would have come back to take her up. But I think she knows from his calls, his crackers, the loving way he always treated her during the last years, that Doug really loves her. But I admit that her wondering if he still loved her, hurt a bit. But I guess this uncertainty is part of her nature and would possibly have been there anyway. JMHO.

-- Susie (, May 29, 2000.

I imagined it to be a little like "Officer and a Gentlemen"....Remember when Richard Gere walked into the factory and carried Debra Winger out....well I imagined Doug coming into the ER (looking very very sexy), picking Carol up and taking her out of the ER to start their new life together. Everyone in the ER would just stand there smiling and clapping! But, I still liked the way it really happened....he was very very sexy!

-- Sheri Nicholson (, May 30, 2000.

Funny you mention "An Officer and A Gentleman," since GC & JM had a conversation (reportedly) where they spoke about and jokingly, I guess, said he should come back and sweep her off her feet, like in "An Officer and A Gentleman."

I believe the way they did it was perfect, though. It was made clear last year that Doug didn't want to end things with Carol, he wanted her to go with him, to start their life together. From that, and from his phone calls, animal crackers, visits with the girls, growing persistence in her moving to Seattle, and anything else we may not have seen that probably happened, that his offer still stood and he was still in love with her. Carol is the doubting type when it comes to her personal life, plus she had tried to emotionally distance herself from Doug when he left (understandable), so I don't find it unbelievable that she had to go "find out" if he's still in love with her. And I really liked that she went to him, swallowing her pride and just going, acting impulsively, being like Doug. ;-) It was perfect!!

-- Arianne (, June 02, 2000.

The reason I like the way they did it was it was a secret up until almost the last moment. It had to be filmed away from the regular places and most of the crew in order for that to be. I know they could have done something different and maybe kept it a secret, but in the end this is what happened and what worked. That's why I liked it so much.

-- Diana (, June 02, 2000.

I'm only 15 and I have been watching this show since I was 11. I've seen the first and second seasons by watching the reruns on TNT.My best friend got me hooked on the show and I'm glad that she did because the characters Doug and Carol have been my favorite characters on TV for the past 4 years. I have always thought they were perfect for eachother since the momment I saw them on screen together and the chemistry between JM and GC. I thought their final seen together was perfect, it completely caught me by surprise but I had been waiting for that momment since GC left the show. I read in the news that ER has been renewed for another 4 SEASONS, so all I want now is for Doug and Carol to get married in one of the upcoming seasons. The writers could have Doug and Carol come to ER one episode and personal deliver invitations to everybody so we see them in the ER again, then a couple of episodes later they could have "THE WEDDING" and the viewers and espically the Doug and Carol fans could finally see what they have been waiting for since the first season, Doug and Carol would finally be husband and wife. I would personally feel like their would be close to the Doug and Carol storyline. Well, I doubt this will happen but I can always hope.

-- Christine (, June 18, 2000.

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