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We received a flyer from Starpower Cable yesterday (May 16) with a mail-back postcard wanting to know whether we wanted to have our house connected to Starpower's lines when they come through our street.

Does anyone know whether this is anywhere in the near future? They say a few months on the flyer but I don't know whether that means 2 months or 20 months.

-- Tom Marchessault (, May 27, 2000


I, too, have been waiting for Starpower to appear for more than a year. Our interest is for high speed internet access. I gather that several portions of Gaithersburg already are wired, but I have not heard anything about the quality of service, the level of technical support, or the cost. If anyone has any information about these questions, perhaps thay could post it to this thread.

-- Joel Aronson (, June 09, 2000.

It was a lot longer than I hoped but sooner than I really believed, but we have signed up to switch to Starpower. We'll be getting more channels (including Sundance, Independant Film Channel, and the Food Network) for almost $20 a month cheaper than Cable TV Montgomver/Comcast.

Plus, we will be getting Starpower Internet with broadband cable modem access to the internet!

I called up on Monday to sign up and then a guy came to our door on Tuesday afternoon trying to get us to sign up. Wish he had come a day earlier so he could have gotten credit.

-- Tom Marchessault (, December 14, 2000.

Tom, what part of Kentlands do you live in? The last time I called StarPower about our street (Midtown Rd.), they were vague but thought it would be "soon after the first of the year." I'm TIRED of downloading at 28,800 or less and more than ready to dump BellAtlanticVerizon as my pipeline.

-- Joel Aronson (, December 14, 2000.

We live in Old Farm..Inspiration Lane..If you know where they just cut down the trees between Kentlands and Lakelands you know where we live. Until a month ago I looked out my office at those lovely osage orange trees.

-- Tom Marchessault (, December 14, 2000.

I live on Hart Rd. and just signed up for the full breadth of services from Starpower. They are coming out this week to move my cable over from Comcast and install the cable modem the first week in January. Seems like our time has finally come. I think it depends on where you live as to when you can take advantage of Starpower.

You might keep checking their website for the announcement. As for us, we had a solicitor come through our neighborhood when they were finally ready about a week ago.

-- Eric Martinis (, December 18, 2000.

It took longer than I thought it would -- almost exactly a month longer -- but we are finally hooked up to Starpower's cable modem intener service. While the wait and the number of times they had to come back was more than I was expecting, the Starpower folks are certainly trying to do the best for their new customers.

Indeed, the length of time is my fault. Each time they had to come back they were often willing to come out that same day or the next day but it would be 4-5 days until I was free to take the visit. Also, they came twice on Saturday mornings.

We are also enjoying the better selection of channels on Starpower compared to Comcast.

-- Tom Marchessault (, January 28, 2001.

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