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I remember someone talking about wanting to see Carter's chest more often, well what about his butt? If you watched tonight's TNT rerun you saw his butt!!("Don't Ask, Don't Tell") Noah Wyle does have a great butt!

-- Stephanie (, May 26, 2000


I saw the episode tonight, too! At first I was a little shocked because you don't usually see people's butts very often on prime time TV. He mooned us!!! But yes, he does have a cute butt. I also thought it was hilarious that Benton walked in just as Gant was finishing up on his compazine shot and had his hand on Carter's butt. I wonder what Benton thought of that! Those two guys had the worst luck with him!

-- Melanie (, May 26, 2000.

When I saw it I thought about the previous chest threads and wondered who'd start one about his behind! You must've been fast, Stephanie! LOL.

-- Diana (, May 27, 2000.

Yeah, you know they showed Tag's butt as he's getting out of bed w/ Carol...not that great, it was kind of shocking to see, but I can't wait to see the one w/ Carter; I must not have seen it, or I'd remember it!

-- Elaine (, May 27, 2000.

Hey, Elaine, you might still have a chance. A local station here shows two epis every weekend...and I've noticed from other threads that they show the same two that other cities have...the good news: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is on here next weekend (the first of the two)! Hope you catch it!

-- Diana (, May 27, 2000.

Does anyone knoe any site where i can see the pic of his butt or any pics of him in a nice shirteless pic??

-- Jennie S. Hicks (, June 28, 2001.

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