what is your favorite scary movie?

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I like Friday the 13th, but then they might as well be classified as comedy. I also have a confession to make, I like the Scream movies! Ok, now that I've shared what are your favorite scary movies?

-- spike (spike@jeppeson.com), May 26, 2000


I'm a wimp... I don't like scary movies. But I have friends who love them. Their favorite is "Sorority House Massacre." Subtitled as "Cleaver vs. Cleavage: all these girls have to support them is their bustiers!" Classic cinematography right there, folks.

personally, I kind of liked the Birds. Its just so funny! I especially like the part with the bird on that kid's back pecking at her neck... Why are you backing away from me? I don't understand... I'm a nice person. Like me!

-- Meg (megea@stanford.edu), May 26, 2000.

Are you sure that's not a porn? I mean there is the Bare Wench Project the porn spin-off of Blair witch. Hmmm

-- spike (jandrew@nwu.edu), May 26, 2000.

And how do you know about that one, hmmm? I bet you starred in it!

-- Meg (megea@stanford.edu), May 26, 2000.

Fantasia made me frightened and made me cry when i was little. It was the elephants, they freaked me out. An I seem to remember a recuring nightmare i was having with flamingoes in it. I am only just getting over the whole thing, even though it was 25 years ago. Disney have just released Fantasia 2000, bastards.

-- Verian (verian@safesurfer.co.uk), May 27, 2000.

I pretend to like scary movies, but in the end i always cover my eyes and whimper. House on Haunted Hill, Final Destination were all laughable, but freaked me out anyway.

Ooohh, i love the Scream movies.

-- nae (nae@quietones.com), May 27, 2000.

Well, I used to like the Child's Play movies, and Puppetmaster looked pretty good, too. Though I've never seen it...

Of course, this is long before I became addicted to Merchant Ivory films ;-)

-- Andrew (newton1642@netscape.com), May 27, 2000.

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