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Looking at the rerun of Abby's intro last night, a remember why I really liked this character when she first came on. She was sharp, helpful, assured, and seemed have a great rapport with everyone. And she had a cute smile.

Now, I know things are tougher for b/c she's in a new environment. But she does not seem the same as when she first came on. I still like her a bunch, but maybe she should have remained a nurse. I dunno...

-- Larry B. (, May 26, 2000


Yes, the Abby of Great Expectations seems a totally different person than Abby the Med Student. She was in here "element" in labor/delivery-confident, composed, compassionate yet effectively doing her job. Even her hair looked neat and clean! Enter, Abby the meddling med student, unkempt, unsure, making mistakes and generally being annoying. IMHO she needs to stick to nursing. She had potential, but the writer's didn't develop it and took her the wrong way. I really enjoyed her scenes last night in GE.

-- Bev (, May 26, 2000.

I *really* liked Abby last night. She really should have remained a nurse. I think her character had great potential, but like you said, Bev, they took her the wrong way!

-- kris (, May 26, 2000.

I really could see Abby giving up on medical school and assuming Carol's role in the ER. I just don't see her passing this ER rotation. She's screwed up too much and that woman is just not cut out to be a Dr. Maybe, just maybe that's why they portrayed her as SUCH a compentent nurse...

-- Linda (, May 26, 2000.

I'm thinking she'll run out of money for med school (divorce, husband using it, etc.) and go back to nursing...then realize she's happier there (which would make sense since she never aspired to being a doctor, just stumbled into it).

-- Diana M (, May 27, 2000.

Me again...the only thing that bothers me about her going back to nursing and how much every one thinks she will, is I doubt they'd ever write a storyline where a man was a nurse, got through med school so far, and then went to nursing again.

-- Diana (, May 27, 2000.

Completely agree Dianna! I hate to interject "real life"......but ummm how do you think she would pay off those school loans?????

-- Deb (, May 29, 2000.

With regards to whether they would ever portray a man going back to nursing after getting so far in medical school... Well - they can't exactly have her jump in front of an El train when med school starts to really suck (Gant) so what would be the harm in her returning to her first love. She was a GOOD Nurse! She is only a so-so Doctor.

In my opinion it doesn't matter that they are portraying a woman messing up. Dr. Dave is riding the ragged edge of disaster in his ER rotation as well and he doesn't even have nursing to fall back on so what would happen to him if County discontinued his residency? (Yes I know Palladino has a long term contract... this is hypothetical)

Speaking of contracts - does anyone know how long Maura Tierny signed on for?

-- Linda (, May 29, 2000.

For all those who think that a contract means a character will stick around--remember Sherry Stringfield broke her contract to be with her boyfriend. Not saying that'll happen again, necessarily, but it could happen.

-- Cecelia (, May 29, 2000.

Real life doesn't help much in this situation - Maura Tierney seems to be replacing both Kellie Martin and Julianna Marguiles. I don't know how long her contract is for, but it would take some pretty extreme circumstances for her to leave after half a season.

That said, I don't know what's going on with Abby. I had the same reaction as everyone to "Great Expectations" - that she seemed much happier as a nurse, and that it makes more sense financially. (What the heck happened to that plot, anyway? It is possible to "Bob" a character we've never seen?) But think about it - would you really be happy to see this character quit? Sure, she's been having a little trouble in the "competence" - or "not killing the patients" - department. Won't that just make it more satisfying when she eventually gets the hang of it?

I honestly can't tell which direction the writers are going to take this. I guess this question just touches on one of my pet peeves about "ER" - the tendency to portray the doctors as perfect. A mistake is never a learning experience, it's a symptom of a serious personal crisis. Personally, I'd rather watch a decidedly imperfect character, like Abby or Malucci, persevere and succeed the way normal people do, than see another saint perform a miracle. Wouldn't it be fun if those incredible saves were the exception rather than the rule?

Just another question to ponder. Oh, and sorry about the ranting - it's late.

-- Julia (, May 29, 2000.

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