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i was watching the season finale of ER again last night, and i noticed something else that i don't know if anyone picked up on. All along, carter never seemed to be able to talk to anyone about his ordeal, and that was one of his main problems. He couldn't talk to doctors about it--DeRaad--and none of the others were able to break through. he needed a friend to do that, and the friend was Benton. A very good illustration of his dilema was in taht confrontation in the season finale, the one in curtain three. Carter was surrounded by doctors--mark, deb, Dr. Anspaugh and kerrie were all wearing their white coats, like this was business. but the only one who wasn't dressed like a doctor, and didn't talk to him when doctors were talking, was benton. He was dressed in his normal street clothes, and in the end, was the only one who was able to get through to him. Just a small observation.

-- Erin (, May 26, 2000


hey earthgirl! i'm a big fan of er and i loved your observation about how dr.benton was the onle one that was able to bresk through to dr.carter. i think they used to have a great realationship as friends (especially when dr.benton brought dr.carter to rehab. but something really disapoints me this season-dr.benton and dr.carters relationship as friends has sort of come to an end.And i think that the writers of the show should at least have them talking once in awhile! they never do!(not even when dr.bentons nephew died! i liked ur observation.ER fans rule!!!!!!!

-- Kelsey Kathryn Verzosa (, March 27, 2001.

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