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I just watched Such Sweet Sorrow in the UK last night (aired on channel sky1) and i have to say......what a great episode! I don't think i've cried so much watching ER in ages! I couldn't believe how bitchy corday was being towards malucci - do you think he deserved it? And kerry, talk about cranky! Mind, you, if I'd been working that long, i don't think i'd just be cranky, i'd be dead on the floor! I did find it rather funny when haleh said that they could call "animal control" ,even though kerry is my favourite character! As for carol joining doug - wahey, but the look on luka's face when she told him set off the waterworks. I also cried when that woman died of cancer as well. I am beginning to wonder what kerry meant when she said "I really didn't need this today" : some foreshadowing perhaps, or maybe something bad happened in the past on that particular date. Maybe we might find out in season 7 - we'll just have to wait and see. I feel bad for carter and watching him crying in the toilet made me cry too. I just want to say, i'm really looking forward to the season finale next thursday. Any additions to what i've just wrote would be good. bye!

-- frances taylor (, May 26, 2000


I loved SSS, too. I do feel that Malucci deserved the dressing down, because Elizabeth was right about what she said. However, I guess we'll have to see if it helped or not. I think Kerry may have just meant she was so tired and stressed that she didn't need anything to happen that didn't run smoothly. BTW, I think you'll really enjoy the season finale! :)

-- kris (, May 26, 2000.

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