Do you think Luka or Benton was right about who should use the chopper in the beginning of the episode? : LUSENET : Weekly ER Summary Questions : One Thread


-- ER Online (, May 25, 2000


I think that it should be, in a case like that, whoever is the most unstable. If the two patients are the basically the same (such as if there were two kids in need of stitches,) it should be first come, first serve. But are we getting the idea bad guys should go last?

-- Caran W. (, June 05, 2000.

I think Luka was right because that boy could of died

-- Laura T. (, June 13, 2000.

Benton was right at the time. His patient, bad guy or not, was more critical as far as they could tell. From what they knew at the scene there was still a few hours left to save the boys leg and he could therefore have gone to hospital by road.

-- Diana Perry (, July 13, 2000.

I do think that the most critical patient should be taken care of first. But in this case I think that Luka didn't want to put the guy in the chopper because he was the one who shot all the people. If I were Luka I would have done the same thing.

-- vilija (, July 28, 2000.

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