Eleven and a Half Mile Siding

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For a book about the post office soon to be published, I am trying to locate Ryland, Virginia. The original application, in 1924, to establish a post office there said it was located at eleven and a half mile siding on the Seaboard in Nansemond County which is now City of Suffolk, Virginia. Can anyone tell me where eleven and a half mile siding was? Perhaps on an old map? Any help on this will be very much appreciated. Will reimburse for any expenses. M. A. Maxey, 5960 Bennetts Creek Lane, Suffolk, Virginia 23435.

-- Andy Maxey (andym@whro.org), May 25, 2000


Andy - Something doesn't compute here... "11 1/2 mile siding"(or mp.11.5) on the SAL in the Suffolk area would be in the middle of The Dismal Swamp, about midway between Bowers Hill(mp.7.3), where I-664 connects with US Hwy 13, and Magnolia(mp.14.9), three miles east of Suffolk city station. A post office in the Dismal Swamp? Further, checking a Rand-McNally 1920 Gazetteer/Map shows there was a Ryland, Virginia, in Culpepper County(population 29). You know, if you are doing postal history, that the US Post Office didn't usually allow the establishment of a post office named for an already established community. We need more data.

-- Tom Underwood (tlunder@attglobal.net), May 25, 2000.

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