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I have a question. When Abby was talking about her soon to be ex husband did she mean that she was getting divorced or was she just annoyed that he was using their money on the stock market.I have never been able to figure this out.Also I wonder if we'll see any dodgy loan-shark types about since apparently she's in a lot of debt.

p.s If you seem to have a problem with any of my opinions from this or any previous comments (esp my Kerry and Mark thread) please remember that i'm only 13 and have only been watching ER for a year so forgive me if I make any huge misjudgements.

p.p.s I didn't mean to sound sarky or bitchy just then.Sorry!!!

-- Steph (, May 25, 2000


I don't think Abby would be constantly mentioning her soon-to-be ex and the money problems if this wasn't going to be a developing story line for this character. Surely we'll get some view in to her life outside the ER. I wouldn't be surprised if the ex comes up there and makes a scene over something and embarass her in front of Romano and Weaver or something like that. OR - like you guys said but rather than a loan shark - just some obnoxious bill collector or someone along those lines will show up in the ER and make a ruckus for her.

Do you guys think that TPTB will allow this character to mature in to a competent physician? If I were running a medical school - I would tell her to stick to nursing.

-- Linda (, May 25, 2000.

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