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A couple of years ago there was a rumor going around that someone was planning to write a much needed book on the history, operations, and equipment of the Fruit Growers Express Company and affiliated companies (Western Fruit Express, Burlington Refrigerated Express, and the National Car Co). A couple of questions:

Does anyone know if the book project is still alive or dead? Also, FGEX suposedly donated their archival material (blueprints, photos, etc.) to some group/organization for the purpose of making it available to the public. Does anyone know how to access this data or has the material disappeared into a de facto private collection? Finally, any opinions on the level of interest in the FGEX, WFEX, etc.? Thanks.

-- Buddy Hill (, May 24, 2000


If you don't already know about Joh White's book "The Great Yellow Fleet", you might want to consider trying to get a copy it. It covers FGE in part with the rest of the nations operatots.

Here is a blurb about Mr. White from his book:

John H. White, senior historian, was formerly Chairman of the Department of Industries, and Curator of Transpor- tation at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, he has written more than 50 articles on various railroad topics, especially about steam locomotives and locomotive builders. He has written four paperbound volumes: Early American Locomotives (1972), Horsecars, Cable Cars, and Omnibuses (1974), The John BulLS 150 Years a Locomotive (1981), American Locomotive Builders (1982), He has compiled four hardbound books: Cincinnati Locomotive Builders (1965), American Locomo- tives: An Engineering History 1830-1880(1968), The Ameri- can Railroad Passenger Car (1978), The Great Yellow Fleet (1986). For ten years he was editor of Railroad History, the journal of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society.

-- Jim Foley (, September 11, 2004.

Gentlemen, when I was working on the SAL Perishables article, I talked with Richard Hendrickson about "the FGE book". He assured me it was close to completion, but it had been shelved temporarily due to many other commitments. I'll try and contact him and get an update for us. I will also be sure to ask him all the questions posted above. JG

-- Johnny Golden (, May 26, 2000.

I don't know anything about a book on Fruit Growers Express;but speaking for myself I would be very interested in owning a book about FGEX. My paternal grandfather worked for FGEX. Unfortunately he died before I was born so I can't ask him what he did with FGEX. I would think that anyone modeling southeastern railroads would be interested in learning more about this company,equipment and operations. Take note any would be authors out there. It's a great subject for a book!

-- Richard Stallworth (, May 26, 2000.

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