What Is the "New Economy"?

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Dear Mr. DeLong,

I am a student in Switzerland an writing my thesis over the evaluation of Internet stocks. I read your article on the Net, and as I need a definition of the New Economy I have two questions for you:

1) Is the E-conomy of which you speak in your article equal to the New Economy?

2) Can you give me a short definition of the New Economy? What it's about? Or do you know a Internet-side where I can find a short definition of it?

Thank you a lot for your help.

-- Gloria Maersch (gloria_maersch@hotmail.comdelong@econ.berkeley.edu), May 24, 2000


"New economy" can mean lots of different things to different people. "E-conomy" is supposed to focus attention on the impact of communications and data processing technologies...

A short definition.... That is much harder, since I am not yet sure what the impact of data communications and data processing technologies on the rest of the economy are...

For two attempts at *long* answers, you can look at:

http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/OpEd/virtual/technet/spmicro.ht ml


-- Bradford DeLong (delong@econ.berkeley.edu), May 24, 2000.

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