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Hello, I am now sending you the questions about the Great Depression. 1. What or Who do you believe we the causes or factors that played a great role in the cause of the depression? 2. What do you believe played a role in the rising and falling of the stocks and the stock market??

3. Do you believe that there were any factors that were a continous cycle, that if it was broken could have helped the economy get of the downfall quicker??? 4. If so, how did or could this cycle have broken the cycle? 5. What happened when people began to purchase stocks out of control? 6. What do you believe will be the end result?? 7. How do you feel about the concept "Buying on Margin" do you believe that it was part of the reason are economy suffered a downfall? 8. Do you believe that our economy today could suffer a economic downfall as it did in 1929-1940?? 9. Reading about and knowing so much about what happen do you hestiate to put money in the banks or are you comfortable with how it works?? Thank you for answering these questions..

-- Allison (, May 24, 2000


The chief causes of the Great Depression appear to have been (a) bad luck and (b) a strong attachment to the gold standard, a system of organizing international finance that proved truly disastrous in the 1930s. The stock market seems to have played little role in the Great Depression--although it did start it off with a bang--and to have fluctuated because it always fluctuates.

Any of a number of things could have brought the economy out of the Great Derpession much faster: devaluing the currency, expanding the money supply, or increasing the federal deficit. I don't think that another Great Depression is at all likely: we had one, and the Federal Reserve has spent a lot of time studying it. If it makes big mistakes, they will be original ones--not the same ones that led to the Great Depression

-- Bradford DeLong (, June 19, 2000.

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Hello! well I think J.P. Morgan (money mastermind, ruler of the universe) was to blame for the depression because its all about him! The world was all about him! He was to blame! Anyways, I don't want to answer anymore questions. But I will say this: we will experience a depression very soon! All the signs are there. If you have any questions or concerns don't send them to me....check the net(a world full of possibilities)....oh and did J.P. Morgan had something to do with the Titanic tragedy?

-- Jerrica Carter-Benton (, March 22, 2002.

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