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i have a medical question about all in the family. When Luka is first ordering the tests for carter, he orders a chest x-ray. If carter was stabbed in the lower back, why would he need a chest x-ray? can anyone enlighten me? Thanks

-- Erin (, May 24, 2000


Erin, you can check out the "medical commentary", it is along with the summary/review for each episode. I have never checked those out, but I assume it might say something about it. (In fact I am going to go check it out myself!!) The only thing that I can think of though, was that he was stabbed, in two areas on his back, one higher up (by the kidneys I believe) and one lower. The chest x-ray would show any damage the stabbing would have done. Remember it was a "6 - inch" butcher knife. Could have gotten him any where in the chest area.

-- Paula (, May 24, 2000.

Considering the location in his back where he was stabbed, Luka was probably making sure the knife didn't get his pleural cavity, causing a possible collapsed lung.

-- Sherilyn (, May 25, 2000.

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