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i am a student of transpersonal psychology at burlington college. i only have a weekend resadency twice a year, the rest i do at home. i am studing consciousness at this time. one of my questions that i need to answer in my reserch paper is, how do i define consciousness? i have read so many books on the subjuct but feel as if i am unable to answer the question. there are so many diffrent explanations of consciousness and the nature of it that i get confused about what i really think of it. i have gone from Wilber, James, Grof, GerbserMay, Bucke, Watson, Jung, Maslow, Freud, Breaux, Brown, and many more. my question is where do i go now? i want simple and clear information about consciousness, that does not involve others theory. I hope this is clear enough for you to understand. thank you warm and loving thoughts. Paulette

-- Paulette Aileen Smith (, May 24, 2000


Hi Paulette, I read your question regarding the true definition of conciousness. I understand that you probably have written your paper already, but I thought that I'd write to you anyway with my thoughts on the subject. - As you can see, for as many minds there are, there are definitions of conciousness. Indeed, for as many minds there are, there are definitions of Truth. I'm sure, at the zenith of Truth, there is an absoluteness that we cannot describe. I belive the same as for the definition of conciousness. However, you didn't mention that you inquired Within. After consulting all of the external sources that you have, Sit, for a long time...what do you get? Rock-n-Roll, Erin

-- Erin Fitzsimmons (, September 03, 2000.

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