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Hey the video is pretty impressive!! Are you and yours OK???

Chuck, who watched another quiet night go by.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 23, 2000


Hey Chuck:

You could have emailed me...LOL...Me and mine are okay. Went to Sandusky today to see grandbaby...13 LBS. already., cute as a button. Also was hubby's birthday.

We had great time. Now BOTH sons live up there. Oldest working at Cedar Point.

Went to eat, and just enjoyed a pleasurable day. How are things at your end?

Thnks for the concern.


-- consumer (, May 23, 2000.

Chuck, get your butt in the chat room ...Bok's, newt ;-)

-- (y@x.x), May 23, 2000.

We are fine as the storm ("What storm") didn't make it to the East Side.


I haven't been the sharpest knife in the drawer today. Something about a late-ish run to Dayton last night and getting home about 4 and to bed about time to get the other half up.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 23, 2000.


How the hell are ya hon?

Pop a top and do a shot!!!???

-- capnfun (, May 23, 2000.

Hey Capn.

I think for awhile I'll leave my personal life off of here, since I've been accused of being everything from a drunk to a bad mom, a flirt and on and on.

I see you've been gone awhile, read some old posts and you will understand.

ahh what the heck,,,,

do ya still wanna sandwrestle? ROFLMAO, conhumour......

-- consumer (, May 23, 2000.

Fer really good reasons I keep Java disabled. DARN can't get to Bok's without it.

i'll stay with #........


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 23, 2000.

chuck, doesnt the zone alarm help with the java?

-- consumer (, May 23, 2000.


Yea, helpin' friend with that heavy stuff,I guess I am the one with the experience.

Of course! rasslin' is great sport.

Yo! Chuck,

I trust life is treatin' you and yours well.

-- capnfun (, May 23, 2000.

ref ZA and Java - not exactly.

and yes life is treating me and mine as usual, SSDW.

truly, with Memorial Day coming up and the start of the Racing Schedule at MidOhio, I'm looking forward to being VERY tired for about 3 months. LOL...

And virtually LIVING on I-71. Gonna be able to drive that sucka in my sleep, construction and all.



-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 24, 2000.


If I may butt in before Chuck... No the ZoneAlarm doesn't help with the Java issues. ZA is great for blocking access to and from addresses, and blocking access by applications to those addresses, all of which is at your choice; but once YOU have given free reign to ALLOW contact with a site, then it's a different ball game.

The caution is about malicious Java code that might be embedded into a website (or JavaScript or ActiveX for that matter). By accessing a site, you agree to whatever the code may do. Most sites are fine of course but ya never know. ZA would not alert you to that happening, unless the website were to run code that accessed *another* site. Then it would put up an alert.

Norton Internet Security 2000 does that (or Atguard, its predecessor which I use)- among other things turns off Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX, on a per-site basis, if you want to spend the money. Otherwise, you can do so (with one global setting) in your browser. Uh.. I don't know about IE5, haven't tried it yet, maybe it lets you get specific as to sites. g'nite

-- Debbie (, May 24, 2000.

Thanks Deb, and I'll opt to spend the money....

It would appear to be worth it :-}

-- consumer (, May 24, 2000.

Never had any problems with Java. The worst thing that ever happened was my browser froze up and I had to relaunch it. Big whoopee, I don't see what all the paranoia is about.

-- netscape user (microsoft@browsers.suck), May 24, 2000.

May I have the password to BOC's chat? My e-mail is real.


-- Cherri (, May 24, 2000.

password = newt

You might want to put your raincoat on, Monkey is spanking himself off again. ;-)

-- Hawk (flyin@hi.again), May 24, 2000.

netscape user - Big whoopee, I don't see what all the paranoia is about.

Well, you know what to do then... there's this thing out there called a "search engine"... Use it!

- Also a Netscape user.

-- Debbie (, May 24, 2000.

Consumer, easy enough to turn off java/javascript, why spend the money? Big waste IMO. You'll have to learn your new utility program too. I switched java on last night to get to Bok's room, then switched it off again when I got out.

Installing utilities to do the job other programs can already do is asking for trouble, IMO. More potential conflicts, bugs, and more to learn.

-- (y@x.x), May 24, 2000.

Thanks y., I really dont need any more trouble, and I have alot to learn yet...(smile) if you recall, i went out and couldnt get back in last nite. LOL.

-- consumer (, May 24, 2000.

Chuck, if you think I-71 is bad, pitty the poor folks who have to regularly travel around I-270 (Columbus outer belt). Not only is a lot of the northern part down to one lane between 315 and 33, but Tiger Woods, Big Jack, et al. have taken over Muirfield for the next few days, and no one can get in or out of Dublin in a timely fashion. Should anyone need immediate medical assistance, they'll have to be flown out!

Note to any holiday travelers: avoid the Columbus Ohio area. Forty- five minute delays in the middle of the day (or night!) are not uncommon right now. F*ckin' Gov't started no less than five major projects on the outer belt alone.

-- (, May 24, 2000.

Also note to Ohio travelers I 90 by Sandusky, whatta mess, along w/ I90 east and west between downtown and Warren Road.

I travel these alot, oh my, WONT be going nowhere for Memorial Day except to Garfield hts.!!!!

Almost got killed on I90 going west last week as a police car was stopped right lane, just sitting there. by the warren road exit. Still shaking from that one.

chuck and k8 thanks for heads up.

-- consumer (, May 24, 2000.

There is another EASY alternative for those using Netscape. Set up diffrent users for different things. Call one "bok's" or something like that, and use it ONLY for going to that site. Then you can leave Java on and whatever else you need.

Have a different "user" browser for general internet use.

-- Simple solutions (are@sometimes.easiest), May 24, 2000.

Different users - good idea, hadn't thought of it.

Doomerstomper's Cookie idea for Netscape is another example of the simple solution - an empty cookie file, made read-only. This fools 99% of the cookie-requiring sites into thinking you DO have cookies enabled. Make sure the cookie file is actually empty. (The "privacy" issues occcur when the cookies are READ, not when they're written.)

Or you can create COOKIES.TXT as a folder instead of a file - same effect. I've found I rarely *really* need cookies, which are usually for retyping my name/email at a site (like here), no biggie.

NIS2000/Atguard combines cookie management, ad blocking, Java/JS etc. settings, and referral-blocking (blocking any reference to what site you linked from) all-in-one, per-site, so I love it, but then, I was already looking for something like this. "Why can't I just...?"

-- Debbie (, May 24, 2000.

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