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I have a radiator for sale. It's a brand new Behr. Another list member found it at a scrap yard, perhaps the car got hit on the way home from getting it installed. (Seriously, it is THAT new.) Not a single bent fin, no bugs, no dirt. Fits earlier 300D's, 300SD's, and 240D's (don't know about gas cars, but maybe?) It is the one with the cap on top. It was the wrong one for me, because I needed the newer kind without the cap on top. (SO, make sure you check, I think the change year is 1982). So, the deal is this: if you want it, it's yours for $90 plus shipping (which will be about $20). If you don't like it, send it back, full money-back guarantee. The cheapest I have seen these is $150 from a rebuilder. First write, first serve.

It's getting hot, are you ready?

Greg Markov

-- Greg Markov (, May 23, 2000

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