UPDATE - Computers Failed at Mexican Border Last Week

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Computers Fail at the Border - Hundreds of vehicles held up since Monday


Information reaching Reporter is that "hundreds" of importers' vehicles have been delayed at the Mexican border since Monday because of computer malfunctions.

According to Mexican Immigration Official Licenciado Lums Sitzmaurice Moguel, the computers were short-circuited during a lightning storm last Saturday.

Moguel said the backup systems were also affected, and all information was lost causing vehicles to be delayed at the border.

During the delay, Mexican Customs officials only allowed the vehicles of vegetable importers and a Ministry of Health oxygen truck to cross the border.

At press time Thursday, Moguel said that repairs had been made and that Customs officials managed to get the computers running again. He added that he expected for things to be back to normal by Friday, May 19.



-- (Dee360Degree@aol.com), May 23, 2000

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