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I just received my June issue of Vogue magazine, and there, smiling brightly with Brazilian super model Gisele in his arms, is George Clooney. Interesting to note is that the magazine mentiones that they never met, nor even knew who each other were, before this photo shoot. The photos sure place them in rather 'chummy' positions--but that's Vogue. Question: Who plays football on the beach in a sequin slip dress that resembles a tiny little nightie? :-)

He's also only the second man to ever appear on the cover of Vogue. The first was Richard Gere, who appeared with (at the time) wife Cindy Crawford. They show a comparison of the two covers--and they are posed very similar, which is kind of funny.

Anyway, there is a brief mention at the beginning of the article about ER and Fail Safe, but the article focuses mostly on his upcoming projects and his background. Its a pretty decent article, and probably one any self-respecting collector of ER or Clooney memorabilia might want to have.

-- M. Harmon (, May 22, 2000



I read a little more in the article...Clooney wants to be cremated when he dies. And, as an awful teaser for those who don't have the article--I'll just say that that I may may never think of omelets the same...I'll be checking them quite closely from now on. :-)

-- M. Harmon (, May 23, 2000.

What's really amusing is finding out that all through the shoot, George kept asking the photographer "Do I look like her father? I mean, I'm 39 and she's 19..."

-- samantha london (, June 30, 2000.

And was their answer "don't worry, George, we're going to airbrush you like you've never been airbrushed before!" by any chance? :)

-- Diana (, July 02, 2000.

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