I think I know who the Evil Force is.

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My friend said he's seen the episode in Japanese, and he said the evil force is Jeni(Jeny Whatever). My friend said that he was the first digi-destined and his digimon was Piedmon. Do you think this is true? Please reply!

-- andy (bill@sauro.com), May 22, 2000


No my friend, your wrong! The evil force is.....................................................


-- War Motimon (m_e_fleming@yahoo.com), May 23, 2000.

Ahhhhhh,we all run in terror.

-- candyman (andy_poke@hotmail.com), May 25, 2000.

You'd better run... Garudamon will peck your head off!

-- War Motimon (m_e_fleming@yahoo.com), May 28, 2000.

Hehehehehe,Matt i'll give you the honors,were-garurumon,wolf claw.

-- Candyman (WEBTCman@yahoo.com), May 31, 2000.

Don't worry Sora! I'll help you! I now bring forth my own Digimon in her ultimate form, Dogwomon! Dogwomon: "Power of Devotion!" The symbol on Dogwomon's shirt (also the symbol on my crest) emits a powerful ray of energy and fries Matt and W. Garurumon (Nah, just Matt. I'd never do anything to W. Garurumon, Gabumon is too cute to die.) Dogwomon devolves back to in training stage (Curiomon). Hah! Now i have two Digimon! *Walks home with Curiomon and Gabumon*


Matt: *emerges from the ashes* I'll get you back, Gabumon....

Narrator: Will Matt ever see Gabumon again? Will Izzy ever regain his memory? Will Mimi tell Joe how she really feels? Stay tuned for the next episode of....

As the Digiworld Turns!

-- War Motimon (m_e_fleming@yahoo.com), June 01, 2000.

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