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As has been posted before on this board, we have all been amazed by the lack of response to the murder/attempted murder in the ER. No rule reviews, no rule changes, no mandatory counselling. It is not like Romano not to deal with things in an effective and timely manner. I believe that Romano was very fond of Lucy in a paternal kind of way, he is grieving for her loss and that his way of dealing with this is to push it out of the way. This attitude seems to have affected the whole staff and Carter has become the reminder of a horrible attack that people would rather not deal with. It is much easier for everyone to accept his "I'm fine"s without delving too deeply into them. He is the big white elephant in the room that no one is willing to talk about. I mean it is obvious to everyone that Carter came back to work way too early and was in alot of pain but no one really questioned it. Perhaps Romano will go easier on Carter upon his return than he normally would because he (Romano) feels guilty over his lack of dealing with the problem initially.

-- maryann (, May 22, 2000


Carter had at least one (and probably more) session with DeRaad, but they didn't seem to be trying very harrd. I wondered in my own thread recently if hospitals have routine psychiatric exams for the docs, especially MDs who have to deal with trauma and tragedy on a regular basis. The ER would be a perfect place to start such a program--all the doctors have been through so much hell and don't seem to want help in dealing with it. Maybe if said help was mandatory...Well, I know people have to want to be helped. But I think it wouldn't hurt to have an annual or semi-annual chat with the hospital shrink for these guys.

-- Cecelia (, May 22, 2000.

I know that most police depts. require psych evaluations after tragic situations (i.e. almost/getting shot, death of another cop, etc.). I kind of thought that Carter would be required to see a therapist; I was surprised they didn't.

-- Elaine (, May 22, 2000.

I think more than anything that the reason Romano wants to push this incident aside is that it really looks bad that it was *his* staff that got attacked by a patient, his department, etc. I mean, him being the Chief of Staff and all...

-- samira (, May 23, 2000.

Those things aren't usually required of the victims, though, just the alleged perpetrators. I'm sure, if this were a real situation, it would be recommended as a professional gesture.

When a shooting happens at a school, the children (victims or witnessess) aren't required to go see the counselor--they only go if they want to or feel that they need it. Not everyone 'needs' counseling after a traumatic event-some people can handle it on their own, in fact many do.

I, too, though, am concerned with how the writers are handling the whole story line--something doesn't seem quite right. I'm sure they are building something up with Romano and the administration here--especially with the drug thing. I dunno...I guess we gotta wait till fall...

-- M. Harmon (, May 23, 2000.

I think that Carter has kind of been treated with a lot of calousness by the rest of the staff. Even the counselor was like "yeah. well you'll get over it" and they just seemed almost afraid to mention it to him or suggest counseling very much. I think they needed to be a little more sensitive to his pain, both mental/emotional/physical.

-- Lauren (, May 23, 2000.

I have to agree with M Harmon, about the fact that the writers seemed to be leaving something out, or maybe working up to something. I feel, which I believe someone else had once said on a different thread, that they might do an epi. with Carter at the rehab center. Not a whole episode just on Carter, but anything to show us what he is dealing with. The thing is though, is that if the show follows our time and not "T.V. Land Time", wouldn't Carter be out of rehab by the time Season 7 starts. I always thought that when someone goes in for help, they are usually there for 30 days. So my idea of what I have said above, could be a shot in the dark.

As for the Romano reaction, knowing how much of a d**k he can be, I really have a feeling that he will be hard on Carter. Like it was said before, we can only wait until October, which is "5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!" Way to long to wait if you ask me. :o)

-- Paula (, May 23, 2000.

At the end of May Day, Kerry ,ade a point of not telling Romano about Carter or their confrontation. Even at the end Kerry and the others seemed to be making a point of not telling him when Romano came down to get Elizabeth for a surgery and complain about how the ICU was a zoo. I wonder how they plan to explain Carter's absence to him and how he will react.

-- Rachel (, May 23, 2000.

Rachel, as others have mentioned before, I don't think Romano needs an explaination as to why Carter isn't there. By that I mean, if Carter has taken a leave of absence, there is no real reason for anyone to know why. (As long as the leave has been approved, which it has, by Kerry, who is chief of the ER). Many people take personal leave of abscence citing family problems, or personal problems. The hospital where my dad works has a policy that no one needs to give a reason for taking a few days/weeks of, (but they do have to make that time up when they come back by pulling extra shifts, etc.) As for Carter getting fired if Romano finds out about the drug addiction, I think someone else mentioned that since Carter checked himself in at the Rehab, no one can touch him.

-- samira (, May 23, 2000.

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