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I was wondering if there is a program for the mac that you don't have to buy or is less than $150 and can encode a whole movie in MPEG. I found programs but they don't either work with Toast or you need the full version to do the whole encoding. Anything useful woud be very helpful.

-- Dan Hermann (, May 22, 2000


See Dan, this is why you aren't supposed to "Think Different." The best suggestion I can give is to get yourself a PC emulator and find Panasonic MPEG Encoder. You could also get an MPEG encoder card that would do the work for you. I saw a Mac MPEG kit on eBay a few weeks ago, in fact, I see them there every few weeks. Hope I was of some help.

-- Mr.Ian Roswell (, May 23, 2000.

Ian, it is not Apple's fault if Dan doesn't want to upgrade to the full version... Dan is on the right track by owning a MAC. My suggestion Dan is buy the full version. That is what I am planning to do on my MAC this summer. "Think Different" Dan.

-- Glam Slam (, May 28, 2000.

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