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In response to my question about the Brooksville subdivision;I received some info indicating that the SAL may have had a small diesel engine facility/yard at Dunnellon,FL. Can anyone elaborate on SAL operations in the Dunnellon, Fl area circa 1950? I'm also told that there were hardrock phosphate mines in this area. Does anyone know about these mines and if SAL served them circa 1950? Thank you in advance for your assistance. My knowledge of the SAL in my area has really expanded since I started using the Q&A Forum. Thnks to everybody!

-- Richard Stallworth (, May 22, 2000


Well I am a new member already and I own five books on the SAL that really haven't told me much about the Brooksville subdivision. What I do know has been provided by the ACL/SAL Historical Society and the Southeastern Model Railroaders Forum. I would still like to know more details about Dunnellon,FL and its small SAL yard. If anyone in acl/sal land has a circa 1950 North Florida and South Florida public or employee timetable for sale or would be willing to photocopy one (I would pay postage©ing)please let me know. Thanks for your assistance!

-- (, May 25, 2000.

From a feeble mind and a 1960 TT.The SAL crossed the ACL West Coast Sub at Felecia (nothing there now,location is 100 yards west of US41) 10.2 miles south of Dunnellon and again at Hoyt 9.1 miles north of Dunnellon.In this area,both roads were intwined.This same TT says there was a small yard located at Dunnellon.I never gave this any thought,the ACL seemed to be the railroad in Dunnellon,not SAL,so it was forgoten.I guess at one time passenger trains ran this line. Some mine names were;Bar Mine,Mincoll and Conrock,not sure what they mined.

May I suggest that you invest in some TT's and other railroad related books,etc.There is a lot avaiable.The society sells many items that will help you.If you are not a member,we request you to join.

-- J.Oates (jlosal@, May 23, 2000.

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