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So I was thinking as I re-watched my season finales this weekend about the above-mentioned topic. It struck me that, although I have watched Friends for six years, and ER for only one (though I have seen all the episodes numerous times thanks to TNT), I was much more emotionally invested in D&C than M&C. Granted, that's partly because ER's a drama as opposed to Friends, but since Chandler is by far my fave "friend", and I loved to see him in a great relationship, I expected much more of myself after their engagement. My reaction, however, was somewhere along the lines of "Aw, how cute, sniff" as opposed to my bawling uncontrollably on and off for 24 hours after the D&C reunion. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have never seen chemistry the likes of which has graced our TV screens for the past 6 years (or one, in my case). . . .I know everyone (me included) loves JM's relationship w/ RE, but wouldn't you just DIE if JM and George hooked up in real life?

Completely off the subject, did anyone catch the double-whammy "ER character" sighting on "The Practice" last nite? In the same scene we had "Dr. Deraad" (sp? I've never seen it spelled the same way twice!) as a cop I think, I was too busy going "Oooh ooh they were on ER!" to pay attention:), and the interpreter for the deaf doc Peter went to talk to about Reece as. . . a sign language interpreter. (Guess it pays to be an actress w/ a knowledge of ASL in Hollywood:) ).

-- joy (, May 22, 2000


Yeah, I noticed the double whammy of ER characters on The Practice last night. I was sitting there in front of the TV going, Hey they were both on ER. I then went on to say who they played on ER and my Mom was just sitting there giving me this look, as to say like I care now be quiet. Oh well.


-- Amy (, May 22, 2000.

While we're on the subject of er people popping up, last night I sat down to watch a movie "Instinct" with Cuba Gooding jr. and Anthony Hopkins (if anyones considering renting it, don't bother it was rubbish) but who should pop up much to my surprise but Abby and Anspaugh (haven't seen him in a while) I have to say they made an otherwise insufferable movie watchable (maybe cause they made me think of last weeks ER eppy while I was watching the movie...)

-- Lara Aine (, May 22, 2000.

You made good points about the whole Chandler/Monica, Carol/Doug thing. I think part of the reason they got Chandler and Monica together was just because they have had the SAME 6 lead characters on there since the very beginning, and they have not introduced any new lead characters, so who else is there for them to hook up with ??!!! I mean, sometimes they have other characters on there but they are usually not permanent.

I like dramas better anyway. My 3 favorite shows this year are dramas, and Carol and Doug just had great chemistry. Even though I had never really been a huge fan of Doug's character, even I have to admit that they belonged together and there was really no other way they could have ended that storyline.

-- Melanie (, May 22, 2000.

I agree that Carol and Doug had just about the best on screen chemistry of any other TV couple (not including Fox and Scully from the X-Files). I think it is important for the actors to have chemistry together to pull it off. TPTB should have learned by now from all of our dislike of Cleo/Benton that you can't just throw any two actors together -- it just does not work all the time! I agree that Matthew Perry and Courteney Arquette don't have it as much as GC and JM. I think Tom Selleck and CA had much more chemistry between them on Friends.

-- amanda (, May 22, 2000.

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