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hi i had gone for a vacation and i have just come back. i checked my grade and i realised i have not been assigned a grade for my assignment 2. my group has received a 195 for the assignment and i have not got any credit for it. i am just wondering why has that happened. is there any way that i can speak with you or could you check why this has happened as this has really affected my final grade. sorry for the inconvenience and i will really appreciate if you could check the matter for me.


have a nice summer.

the members of my group were 1) Michael Cantatore 2) Kevin Bannon 3) Richard Stoeckel 4) Anya Lindahl 5) Ramneeta Taluja and me. if you could look into this matter it will be of great help.

yours sincerely,

monisha dadlaney.

-- monisha dadlaney (, May 22, 2000

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