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What is up with that!? I saw John Carter, M.D. for the first time and I can't believe Carol quits. I mean, did they cut out a scene or something on the reruns, because I've seen the season 3 premiere and she's there and there's not any mention of it. Actually, I JUST realized as I'm writing this that Haleh did tell her she could "just quit again" when someone called in sick and she wanted to go to the staff baseball game...I never got why Haleh said that, now I do! But anyways, despite my newfound realization, so do they even talk about her quitting or did she just show up the next season like nothing happened? Were people supposed to wonder all summer if she'd be back or not? That is so WEIRD.

While I'm on the subject, wow, Carter really does worship Benton. As I watched Benton explain to Carter that he was "just his assigned teacher" I couldn't help thinking 'just wait a few years Peter'

-- Elaine (, May 22, 2000


Elaine if you go to the "Episode Summaries and Reviews" you will read that in the first episode of season 3, Carol is back in the ER, obviously doing an about-turn on her decision, and it is mentioned only in passing. I don't know what the writers were thinking then; except that they needed to keep ER fans hanging throughout the summer. Anyway, go there and read about it... I really think either the writers wanted to leave us hanging in the season 2/season 3 summer or that she was just frustrated and venting.

-- Marie (, May 22, 2000.

I remember thinking that Carol was cross and tired at the time. I didn't take her quitting seriously and apparently nobody else did either.

-- maryann (, May 22, 2000.

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