Xena page... please go see?

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Erm, go to Lusenet and scroll down... untill you find Freya and mine's Xena: Warrior Princess board! Pweeze?

-- Justice (DemonCougar@hotmail.com), May 21, 2000


its not there

-- Bloodshed (psychotic_mage@@bored.com), May 21, 2000.

Grrrr. It's already on the inactive board... jeez that sucks. Well, go there anyways...

-- Justice (DemonCougar@hotmail.com), May 21, 2000.

I don't even see it on the inactive list.

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (forgmike@excite.com), May 21, 2000.

My stupid computer says the inactive page is too big, could you post the address

-- Bloodshed (psychotic_mage@@bored.com), May 21, 2000.

Okay, go to Xena: Warrior Princess Forum please... we'd love to get some traffic...

-- Justice (DemonCougar@hotmail.com), May 22, 2000.

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