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Ok, here are the issues up for debate:

1)Games which do not playback to be added to list: depthch, safari, any others?

2)Playback problems, in-game issues: Psycho-Nics, Desert Gun, Growl (all sets), Choplifter (need clarification on which sets, a changeover happened somewhere), early 80s Bally/Midway games (in .36 cycle) Which scores should your editors be wiping for you?

3)Gun Dealer and Quick Answer=More Points Quiz Games: should these games require TGMame only play? I don't think this resolves potential slowdown, so maybe we should consider archiving these games instead and not awarding points. Or do we have a version of TGMame that can report an accurate clock speed?

4) Sports games and multiple credits: should certain games be set to multiple credits, and if so, how do we determine settings and how do we let everyone know what settings for the game are? Is this necessary or even viable?

5) Splitting. Current games lined up for splitting (on my list) are Jatre Specter and Magical Drops 2 and 3. MD2 and MD3 are contentious because we would then be playing in Japanese mode.

6) Banning. Time tricks listed in the mameinfo.dat for Ghosts n' Goblins will be banned, as well as the invisible Q-Bert trick. Changes will be made to the banned techniques page (if Gameboy9 ever makes the previous ones :) )

7) NVRam problems. Is clearing enough? Do we need to compile a list of games that require the .nv file, and if so, where should we place it?

8) Potential removal of bowling games. Isn't it time we archived these suckers, with the exception of League Bowling? Holding down an up arrow is pretty damn boring to watch.

9) Miscellaneous or other issues.

Please respond by number if you would like to make a commentary. By no means are you required to answer to all of the above points.

Thank-you for your time, Q.T.Quazar

-- Q.T.Quazar (qan@home.com), May 21, 2000


1- maybe you can add frogs & heiankyo (it's hard to say , I'm loosing 200 pts) ... I didn't find a version playing back correctly this games ; maybe someone ?

2-chplftb & chplftbl are ok with mame34 (not later versions)

3-no archiving

4-I'm not sure ... maybe for games with a limit of time (ex:2020bb) ; but I like the idea that rules are the same for each game (think about newbies coming on marp : it's already enough complicated)

5- you can split puzlclub in 2 (-ad & -yg) and mosyougi (2 different games : -lb "left board" and -rb "right board" ... my input has been made on -rb)

6- I hope "banned games" & "banned technics" will be update soon ; is there a way to upload inp showing these banned tips ? (for example you should add the multi-million bug on rastan to the ban page with a link to BenJos input made in t2)

8- I vote no (there are a few scores which are no max on some of them)

-- phil (plamat@club-internet.fr), May 21, 2000.

1) headon recordings dont seem to playabck but this is probably a m33b4 issue.

2) it seems there is a playback issue with mame32 lang ONLY on growl, regular windows versions play it back fine. it seems oscar mame36 recordings all variants should be banned for invincibility.

4) seems too compilcated to allow multiple credits. if we did have a nice structure where a full game is allowed (using all credits for full game) we would have to have a offensive-defensive scoring system that isn't in place now. offensive-2*defensive score for some games offensive*offensive-defensive score for others etc...

5) as long as zwaxy approves all game splitings this is ok.

7) there should be a list of nvram suspect games. i vote for a requirement of nvram removal before recording or the recording should be banned if the user doesn't include the nvram file. recording with an nvram file and not including it is not respecting that there are other people that would like to playback your recordings who may not have the nvram file.

8) if you archive the bowling games you have to archive all the other easy shot games, shuuz, spiker etc. otherwise they should stay in.

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), May 21, 2000.

1) If it doesn't playback, not even I can agrue it. 2) Find out before removing them 3) HECK NO to archiving. I am in a lot of those trivia games, and I did mine fair and square, and in no way should lose points because of possible slowdowns... (I assume that's why you want to archive, what's next, archiving Galaga because of possible slowdown?) 4) If the game plays right with multiple credits, then yes. This should be decided game by game, and not a blanket statement. (A note can be placed in the name of the game here to denote the way to score it) 5) Only if they are different games 6) If they are already banned, why are you waiting for? 7) Yes compile, place where the rules are. 8) Removal of the Capcom bowling games are okay, the others are not that easy.

-- Chris Parsley (cparsley1@hotmail.com), May 21, 2000.

2. Psycho-Nics Oscar recordings on MAME36 Final should be banned. I dunno about Choplifter, maybe somebody tried to frameskip a playback of a recording on a new version and then assumed that it didn't work on that version... for a lot of those Sega games you have to playback with the same frameskip it was recorded at, changing it will "break" it.

3. Undecided on the quiz games, I don't play any of em...

4. I'd like to see different settings for sports games, but yes this would have to be decided on a game-by-game basis. I guess it depends on how interested people are in seeing different settings for games.

5. What's this about Magical Drop 2 and 3? haven't those games been split up enough?!

7. I think clearing the NVRAM should be required for any game that has one. If possible, try to use an older version of MAME that supports the game. NVRAM was introduced in m36b14, so I've been using m36b13 to record games that need an .NV file on the latest versions.

8. I'm all for banning the bowling/"easy shot" games.

miscellaneous issue... am I the only one that thinks that "TG Settings" for Bad Dudes / Dragon Ninja is utterly stupid? Continue until the game is over, what the hell is that? In Bad Dudes your score will always wind up at 999,999 by game's end, so there's a free 1st place for anyone willing to play through the game. I don't know why those are the "official" TG settings for the game, it sounds like someone screwed up along the way.

-- BBH (lordbbh@aol.com), May 22, 2000.


2. Psycho Nics - ban! Anything before mame36, keep (I think)

3. Ugh. I hate those Trivia Games. I say we might use TGMame for those, I guess. All it is is memorizing the questions (I believe), so I don't have much of an opinion on that one.

4. I'm not that big of a fan of most sports games either, so ask someone else

8. Bowling games in general should be archived. Too simplistic (nothing wrong with simplistic games, though)

Those are just my pathetic two cents; they shouldn't be that helpful :)


J.D. Lowe

-- J.D. Lowe (jedidrunkenllama@hotmail.com), May 22, 2000.

3) Having a version of TGMAME that report clock speed could be a great solution for all games but considering that it doesnt exist for now is better to use tgmame (in this case for quiz game).

6) About recordings on shootout-b-j I think that the 9999 points trick must be banned because you win a life every 70k and if you use this trick you can earn more than 70k doing great scores in the same level

8) I think that no recordings must be deleted but for recordings that are too easy I think they must not take points. Another game that have improper control advantage is shuffle.

9.1) The game dday after a certain point gives infinite lives. Why it is not in the banned list? 9.2)Lazercmd is a 2players game (in the banned games list is signed only as to easy)

9.3) About the scoring system I think that it could be the time to make a massive decision for these games. I think a good idea would be to create a page indicating the right scoring system.

-- A.D.SAKURAGI (adeidda@inwind.it), May 24, 2000.

I agree on Sakuragi's leeching point on shootout, who is getting beyond scene 2 in these games? or at least the ones i have tried to playback they just sit in scene two and hit the rollercoaster?

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), May 24, 2000.

I agree with you about "shootouj" and "shootoub" the jap and the korean bootlegs.. The Us version does not loop so there is no time for leeching in that version..

Ok here4s the story about Shootout clones.. Me and QT had a battle with those clones a few days ago and I told him about the rollrcoaster etc. We kept on taking eachothers score but finaly I stoped cause I realised that I could go on for almost forever shooting the rollercoaster on level 2.. I said to QT that that games must be banned or on harder settings etc. He didn4t find any TG settings for it only some change of when the extra men I think... (I had scores to beat QT that day but I didn4t thought it was right because the rollercoaster..I told him that to double his score.) We had no idea what to do about the games so the day after I said to myself "ok i4ll upload those scores anyway then they can delate them later"

QT also said to me that her thought it hard to hit the rollercoaster and therefore thet maybe would compensate the leeching , but after some tries I noticed I could hit it almost every time and go on forever....

Feel free to delate the scores



ps I wonder what to do about those games.. The best way is to ban the games, cause you couldn4t say "hey just one shot on the rollercoaster ok?" How many times would you be allowed to shoot it?? It will not work.. If someone could disable the extras in the games then everything would work I suppose..

-- QRS (qrs@telia.com), May 25, 2000.

1) frogs looks like another sega game that does not playback since it would have played back if it was introduced in m33b4 but it was introduced in m34b3.

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), May 25, 2000.

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