Where is ER filmed?

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Hi, I was wondering is ER actually filmed in Chicago?. If so has anyone who lives there actually seen them filming off the set?

-- Anna (annave8@hotmail.com), May 20, 2000


I haven't witnessed any actual filming; although I know for certain that they do film some scenes on location here in Chicago. Once, a friend and I were walking down Michigan Avenue, when we passed Anthony Edwards and Laura Innes going the other direction. They blended in with the crowd so well that I didn't even realize it was them until I turned around to give a second glance. I keep hoping that someday I'll run into Noah Wyle on the street :)

-- Heather (yokogrl2@aol.com), May 20, 2000.

They do the outside shots of the building and Chicago area in Chicago, but all the indoor filming is done in Hollywood.

-- Lauren (thatsagirl@aol.com), May 20, 2000.

actually, I think even the outside entrance of the emergency room is on set in L.A. There was an article that talked about it and the fake snow by the entrance.

-- debbie (riccardoiii@aol.com), May 20, 2000.

it is filmed at WB studios, in L.A. my husband picks up the dumpsters from their set sometimes, he saw anthony edwards once. the outside shots are fimed in chicago.

-- ALexis Springer (lexicat1@webtv.net), May 20, 2000.

Check out the FAQ section on the alt.tv.er website. http://www.digiserve.com/er and click the faq. According to that information, the outside shots are filmed in Chicago, and the entrance of emergency room is university of illinois hospital. I'm not sure because I've never been there. ^^

-- kilim (kparkc@sfu.ca), May 22, 2000.

i've seen an actual filming and they only do the outdoor scenes in chicago. the rest is done in california.

-- annie (shanannie3@aol.com), May 11, 2001.

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