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it was asked on another thread, different subject and i cant find it anywhere...i notices in the season finale, when romano called elizabeth away to surgery, she told mark "ill see you at home, i'll try not to wake you" hmmmmmmm..."see you at home"????

-- ALexis Springer (, May 20, 2000


thats what i was wonderin after romano told liz that she had to go scrubb in. i think mark said see you at *THE* apartment...i hope they live together.all the little playfulness is back with them...they are really cute. i just hope that tptb dont screw it up.

-- rachel (, May 20, 2000.

If Elizabeth has given up her place and moved in, it has happened off-camera and we haven't been told. Personally, if they live together, Mark should move in with her. I like her place much better, and it seems bigger. Anyway, when Mark's father died, Elizabeth let herself into Mark's apartment with a key, so they have at least made that committment. But a few episodes before that (sorry, don't remember which) Elizabeth had spent the night with Mark, then realized she had to run home for some charts or notes and Mark says, "That'll teach you to stay at my place" or something like that. When she gets to her apartment she finds David Greene with her (Elizabeth's) mother. After David's death, Rachel was staying with Mark and Elizabeth at first hesistated to stay over. But Mark told her Rachel could sleep on the pull-out couch. If Mark's apartment was Elizabeth's home, I don't think she would have hesitated. There would have been no discussion because she wouldn't have had anyplace else to go. I think she probably spends lots of time at Mark's, but still has her own place with most of her stuff still there. Hope this helps!

-- Annie (, May 20, 2000.

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