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At the beginning of last night's episode, I fully expected to miss Nurse Hathaway, (Julianna Margulies). However, because the episode was so riveting, by the end I had to stop and realize that she wasn't in it. The writers are doing an excellent job of bringing other characters into the forefront. Did anyone else have this reaction?

-- Carin Haseltine (, May 19, 2000


Now that you mention it, I realized that she wasn't in the episode only after I read YOUR post! Or at least I didn't think about it like I thought I would have. Yes, they're doing a great job, I feel a little sorry for Luka, he needs a friend, if not a romantic interest. I hope they write in a way to help him deal with his many losses, in a way he has had as much reason for PTSD as Carter does. He is more stoic, but it is obvious he is in pain too.

-- Michele (, May 19, 2000.

I thought of Carol; mainly because Luka had no one to talk to at the end of the day. But also I was waiting for her mention as everyone sat around watching the news. I'll miss her. Though, Carter's storyline kept my mind off that! However, later I wondered if had she been there, whether Carol would have been in that group of people. The others might have thought she could help them get through to Carter.

Wow, two very impulsive, dramatic departures to the airport. What an emotional few weeks for us!

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

Just wanted to add, I found SSS and watched just a scene of Carol, and I have to say, the show will definetly be different without her; I don't know how to explain how, but the atmosphere will change. I know there are people who were glad to see her go (and I know that it was time for her character to leave and be with Doug) but her character was kind of original; quirky, but somber too, and I hope her memory isn't forgotten. (sorry, a bit too melodramatic for a TV character, but I do hope so!)

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

I kind of liked Carol because she brought to us viewers a different aspect of the hospital. While the doctors were shouting out medical terms, she was the one who showed compassion, intimacy with the patients, etc. She also showed us the "working-class" side of the hospital, what with the trouble she was having by not making enough money when her time shifts were cut, and she couldn't pay for her house, her car was repossessed, etc. I hope they promote a central nurse character, though someone who is totally different from Carol. MAybe Haleh, Lydia seems like a nice, funny character, with probably enough experience to be head nurse, maybe Chuny.

-- samira (, May 19, 2000.

i am voting for Lydia, cuz she doesn't take any cr@p from anyone!!! LOL, lets all vote in, so that when TPTB come in here to lurk, all our votes will be counted in before filming begins for next season!!

-- ALexis Springer (, May 20, 2000.

I didn't even notice Carol was missing either! I mean, I did like her character a lot, but she wasn't the thread that held the whole show together, many other great actors that I like better than her. (Like Elizabeth for instance:) I'm thinking TPTBs will bring in another actress to fill her place, (I know most of you will say there are already too many characters on the show) but I just don't see any of the other nurses being very interesting as a main character...and furthermore, none of them are really compatible as a girlfriend for poor Luka :) I know, I know..."why does everyone need to be paired up right?" Well, I just can't see Luka being the player type and dating a bunch of different women! If anything, I would like to see him meet a nice lady, who wants to settle down, raise a family and live happily ever after...someone like me for instance..Hey Luka, I'm available! :) heehee

-- Joy (, May 21, 2000.

I just can't believe none of the characters even mentioned her during the show. In the past week, has everyone been brought up to speed that Carol has taken off, and they're already forgetting her? Even Kerry didn't say anything about hiring a new head nurse, and she's usually pretty on the ball about stuff like that. Oh, well.

-- Cecelia (, May 21, 2000.

I really can't believe it either. I mean, I know they want to move on from the focus of Carol, since she's gone now and the 6 year Doug and Carol storyline has closure now, but I was sure they would bring up the fact that she quit and they need a new head nurse. I know we never really get much mention of characters afterwards (except a tiny bit about Lucy, since she was MURDERED! And even she doesn't get much mention) but since no one said goodbye to her, I thought maybe we'd hear about it. I mean, it has been like a week since the last show right, so maybe they don't even know she left. I was watching the last of SSS again, and it really does bother me that they don't give her an appropriate "goodbye" mention. Maybe JM requested it like that.

-- Elaine (, May 21, 2000.

You know, I've thought about this, but I think TPTB really want to minimize it and move on. Like it or not, Carol's story sort of weighed the series down because so few people really bought it. I know I was annoyed at how they wrote Doug out, annoyed that they wouldn't let go of him, in a sense keeping his spirit around with the twins, then I was annoyed [lots of annoyance! :)] that her involvement with Luka basically destroyed what was left of her. So, having had the lovely ending that we did in "Such Sweet Sorrow," I felt the season ended for me at the end of episode 21. Beyond that, it doesn't bother me that they didn't mention her. I know where she is :)

-- Phyl (, May 21, 2000.

I think that's why they made JM's last epi the next to the last one for the season, so they could go on with the story and end the season on another topic. They did the same thing last season with GC by having him leave in February instead of May (though his contract went until then) so they could continue the storyline and not have that be the way the season ended. Either TPTB thought his leaving would leave a bigger hole (so had him leaver earlier) or they didn't have as strong a storyline to keep us interested (so they needed more time to develop one last year). I'd bet a little of both.

-- Diana (, May 21, 2000.

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