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Hi, If you haven't heard of it before I thought i'd post this: there's a fan club/discution forum called WyleFans.I've been a member for 3 yrs and absolutely enjoy it!The members post stuff about the actor(pics,interviews,sightings,comments,etc.)and you recieve them via email.If you'd like to join just send an email to and put SUBSCRIBE for the subject. :)

-- jessica (, May 19, 2000


Hey Jessica, I tried it, but it said there was no such address or screen name in AOL

-- abigail (, May 20, 2000.

Wylefans is now part of the egroups list. I believe you have to go to the egroup websight. You need to join egroups(if you already have not) first. Once you are at the website and have logged in do a search for Wylefans. It will then find it you can subscribe to it. I believe that is how you would join, but I'm not absolutly certain. It is a great list. I belong to it.

-- Brenda (, May 22, 2000.

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