Did Anyone Cry as Hard as I Did?

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OH MY GOSH!!!! I cried for 30 minutes straight after I saw Peter hug Carter. I wanted to hug him TOO! And on the plane was just too much! Great job Noah and Eriq! Also, did anyone else notice the same music that was played when Kerry covered up Lucy was played during the last two scenes? That is ER's SAD music!

-- Stephanie (ERGirl22@aol.com), May 19, 2000


That scene will stay with me for a very long time.

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), May 19, 2000.

I didn't sob, but got very tearful at that (the hug) scene, in fact I tape every episode and I rewound and watched the whole intervention scene with everyone and that follow-up scene (which was DYNAMITE) about 5 times. You see, I've been involved in an intervention myself (family) and their portrayal was RIGHT ON. And Noah Wyle's acting just plain knocks my socks off. I was a mental health therapist for 12 years and his portrayal of mental disturbance (Post-traumatic Stress) and mood swings (drug abuse) as the best I have seen on TV. Great finale. Period.

-- patti c (pmcponygrl@aol.com), May 20, 2000.

YES!! I was weepy for at least an hour after the episode was over! Such amazing acting (as usual). If the whole Carter thing wasn't enough the woman who refused to save her baby put me over the edge. The embrace between Carter and Benton was such a powerful image! Great episode!!!

-- Kathleen (Kleskosgal@aol.com), May 20, 2000.

oh my god I cried for ages and ages. we only had the ep in the UK last week but i've already watched the video 3 times and i still keep crying whenever i see the scenes with Carter and Benton. moving stuff.

-- Rosie (happymoron@hotmail.com), June 18, 2000.

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