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I am searching for Elizabethan Serenade by Ronald Binge. It was and is still a very popular light orchestra piece written by Binge around 1950 and first performed by Mantovani the same year. It has been recorded hundreds of times by orchestras all over the world. I would like to find the sheet music for this delightful piece. I would pay a reasonable price for this work and more if it is in a sheet music book of Ronald Binge's works. Thank you.

-- Wesley Stillwagon (wstillwagon@hallowquest.com), May 19, 2000


Elizabethan Serenade

Hello Wesley

Unfortunatly I am unable to assist you with your search, but ask that you may help me with mine. Do you know of any recordings of Elizabethan Serenade on CD? If so could you suggest a good recording and where I might be able to purchase one.

Many Thanks


-- Paul Stephens (pstephe2@glamrgan.ac.uk), October 25, 2000.

Recordings of Elizabethan Serenade

Paul, You can find James Last's excellent recording of Elizabethan Serenade on the following cd's: "Games That Lovers Play" (Polydor 557967-2) "Games That Lovers Play" (Polydor 821610-2) "My Favourite World Hits" (Polydor 815247-2) "Around The World" (JB 446 CD) "Tenderly" (551319-2)

There are a couple of them by Mantovani (for whom the piece was written, but I haven't been able to find them).

Wes Stillwagon

-- Wes Stillwagon (wstillwagon@hallowquest.com), October 27, 2000.

to "Elizabethan Serenade" from Paul Stephens

I don't know if this will help, but there is and excellent version by Roger Whittaker who uses a whistle for its rendering.

-- Nishu Varma (anant@inwind.it), November 24, 2002.

Elizabethan Serenade

Thank you I have found sheet music for Elizabethan Serenade.

-- Wes Stillwagon (wstillwagon@hallowquest.com), November 24, 2002.

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