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Exactly how old are the twins now? BTW, I liked the idea of mentioning Doug and Carol in the season premiere in October, maybe via a postcard or something (from a honeymoon perhaps?). I know, I know, its closed, its done with, but I really don't want to happen with Doug and Carol what happened with like Maggie Doyle and Anna DelAmico how they vanish into thin air and are never heard from again. Yeah, I know, Carol and Doug didn't vanish into thin air, but I wouldn't just forget about two close collegues I worked with for years.

-- Chris (, May 19, 2000


The twins were born on the Thanksgiving episode back in November, so if the TV time on this is lined up with real-life time, they should be about 6 months old.

At the time I was watching last night's episode, I didn't even miss Carol and didn't even notice that nobody mentioned her because I was so wrapped up in this week's stories. But it would be nice to hear some mention of her maybe next season, because she had been on the show since the very beginning and was a main character, not like Anna and Maggie who weren't as big. I guess Anna was more of a main character than Maggie ever was, but even she was on there for only a short while. It does seem odd that nobody mentioned it even a little, because it would be wierd for someone to just suddenly quit working and move to Seattle and nobody notices!

-- Melanie (, May 19, 2000.

Don't you all think we'll hear somebody ask Mark if he knows how things are going with Doug and Carol? And then he'll let us know. Like the good old friend and middleman that he has become. I mean he was it to us viewers when things happened between Carol and Doug after Doug left the show. So now he should inform the rest of the staff and US THE VIEWERS how things are in Seattle. It could at least be great to know if they got married or something. Hey, maybe he'll attend their wedding over the summerbreak. That could be so great.

-- Ina (, May 19, 2000.

I too never thought about Carol and Doug, until I read this thread! I liked her okay and enjoyed last week's epi a lot (especially the closure), but this one and the storylines were so much more interesting.

-- Diana (, May 19, 2000.

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