S-Mart with iMail?

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'lo all, I had the script working on a linux server, but have moved it to my NT box.. . the conversion went pretty good except for the email.

I'm using iMail as my mail server (www.ipswitch.com) and I've found that I'm supposed to use imail1.exe, but I can't seem to get the thing to actually email me.. . any suggestions/help? (I'm not entirely sure/comfortable with modifying the script myself).

From their KB, this is the syntax they use: http://support.ipswitch.com/kb/IM-19980119-DD10.htm

Thanks in advance. .

Pete Jr. TheToyboxxx

-- Pete Jr. (cloak@thetoyboxxx.com), May 19, 2000


blat is able to send mail under NT. I modify the scirpt to write the email date to a file and have the blat send the file to me. It should be ok to use imail1.exe. You need to find out how imail1 to send out a txt file or a attatchment document

-- austin (courierb@online.sh.cn), July 30, 2000.

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