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Someone posted in the last couple of days saying how much Kerry and Mark balance each other out, I am sorry I don't remember who said it because it is absolutlly on target. The respect between those two has taken a long time to grow, but is very obvious. They go to each other for big things, and each one comes off as either unsure or over-the-top without the other. Please don't everybody think I am disgusting, but I would like to see them in a random romantic situation. Kind of like oh my I can't belive we did that. What do you think???

-- Cara Noblitt (, May 19, 2000


Oh please no, just let Mark and Elizabeth continue to grow together. Kerri needs a relationship or something, but please leave Mark out of it.

-- Casey (, May 19, 2000.

Calm down, It's okay. I just don't think Mark and Elizabeth are going to make it long term. She really wanted Benton and she went after him. She kind of fell into the relationship with Mark. I don't want to see him hurt, but I don't think M&L is a keeper.

-- Cara Noblitt (, May 19, 2000.

Amazing isn't it how the once adversarial relationships from the early seasons have changed (Kerry & Mark, Benton & Carter) into a full circle of caring. Who can say that after Kerry betrayed Mark, that this season she would go against Romano and actually hide things from him (not Kerry-like at all), plus work with Mark so generously? Who would have ever guessed after the first two seasons that Benton would show feelings for Carter and (gasp!) give him a hug! Maybe once we have a few seasons with the new crop of people we will comment on the same things. A lot has changed in six seasons, albeit rather slowly!

-- Jane (, May 19, 2000.

Well, in a way Jane, that's the way things hapen in real life. Nothing really happens abruptly (well, sometimes they do) but normally, things draw out for a long time until finally somthing happens and it finally explodes.

-- Kimmy (, May 19, 2000.

I think what we witnessed last night had to do with the strength of Mark and Kerry as people, professionals, and teachers. They might not work together on trivial issues that have to do with their own egos, but when a crisis erupts, they pull together and shine. They were flawless, and partners in taking care of their junior residents.

-- Karen Barry (, May 19, 2000.

I too was thrilled and satisfied by last nights episode. I hope the writers will let the Benton/Carter connection grow. What I have missed the most about GC being gone was the healthy male friendship between Mark and Doug. It would be nice if Benton/Carter could fill that void. Noah Wyle is an extraordinary actor and I am always amazed at his subtlety. His face and body language speak volumes. It is too bad that actors who are capable of portraying so much by doing little rarely get the recognition they deserve. I think of Andre Braugher as the perfect example of an actor like Noah Wyle who never got the credit for the amazing performances he consistently delivered. The final two scenes between Benton and Carter will go down in my all time favorite moment list. Along with Benton tearing down the stairs to help Carter in "All in the Family".

-- Barbara Parker (, May 19, 2000.

It is kind of amazing how people move from being angry one week to being civil the next, and I think it's great. Mark and Kerry do work together well, their different personalities are assets to the ER. I would not be for a romance, but on the other hand, a small little 'OMG did we do that!?" type situation would be hysterical!

But back to people forgiving people, I think that's how you have to be in this working situation. Elizabeth was obviously over her rage towards Cleo and Luka from a few weeks ago, she was civil with both of them last night...she even made a point of defending Luka's problems making his decision about the boy, in a way that wouldn't totally offend Benton. (though Cleo didn't look too fond of Elizabeth!) And Kerry always has this kind of polite but sarcastic way of greeting Romano. I am glad people don't just stay pissed at each other. I hope Carter and Abby can work things out next season too.

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

Elaine, I think we might have seen a "OMG, did we do that?" scene last night if Kerry had gone out to dinner with Mark. How many times have we seen that with him before: the lady who wanted him in her videos, Jen? Seems like Mark ends up in the sack with most of the women he dines with. As soon as he asked Kerry if she wanted to go get a bite I thought oh-oh! Especially in this case with their emotions running so high just after the Carter event. Maybe we'll see that sometime in the future.

-- Diana (, May 19, 2000.

No, no, no, no. No Kerry and Mark. I liked her w/Ellis because I had nothing invested in him but I do not want her with anybody currently in the ER. No - unless it's Rocket Romano. I could watch that without loosing my dinner but I wouldn't want to watch very much of it. Kerry just rubs me the wrong way and I don't want her dating any of my "friends" (Carter, Mark, Luka, etc... Maybe Frank... maybe.)

-- Linda (, May 20, 2000.

I didn't say anything about a RELATIONSHIP between the two! I do think Elizabeth still has feelings for Peter and want to see what happens with that next season. I say this for two reasons: her reactions during the epi when Cleo went to Peter for a consult (when she blessed them both out, she mentioned their special relationship in a certain tone) and then their closeness after the surgery in "May Day." I know the obstacle would be Eriq's request but maybe he's had a change of heart after Peter's frosty year with Cleo? :)

-- Diana (, May 21, 2000.

And before anyone gets riled up over the last comment...the character of Cleo has, IMHO, brought Peter's character down too. He was just more interesting with Elizabeth...and Carla...and Jeannie...and anyone else I've left out. Cleo has been boring, with or without Peter, but his other relationships, including and maybe especially with Elizabeth, were passionate and interesting.

-- Diana (, May 21, 2000.

Mark and Kerry's relationship over the last two seasons has been one of my favorite relationships to watch. You have to go back and watch Mark's support of Kerry's jockeying for the ER Chief position during Season 5. That was a great time in their friendship. Then of course it soured greatly after the events of "Leave it to Weaver". The two of them never really resolved that fight, did they? But over time, Mark's anger has gradually dissolved, and I suppose he's forgiven her. By "The Peace of Wild Things", we saw that Kerry was able to approach Mark about Gabe as a colleague and friend, and Mark was at least willing to work with her as a colleague. Throughout the rest of this season, they've been able to work together with respect (though Mark rolls his eyes at her bureaucratic moments, and she rolls her eyes at his pissy moments). And finally, he was able to ask her to go eat with him in "May Day", which I think shows that he's forgiven her and considers her a friend again. I think that's the first really "friendly" moment they've had all season.

But please, no more romances. Do y'all think it's impossible for a man and woman to just be friends?

-- Jason (, May 23, 2000.

I just don't see the connection with Elizabeth and Peter. Peter said he wasn't comfortable with women not of his own race. I thought Jeannie was a better match for him than Lizzie. As for Benton and Carter, I think Peter used to see Carter as a spoiled rich boy. He needed to keep a professional distance so that his teaching could be objective. He liked Carter, but his first job was to instruct, not be his friend. Mark and Kerri, please. Oil and water. She needs a man for sure, find her a nice accountant or investment banker. She's too competitive for Mark.

-- Casey (, May 24, 2000.

I'm not sure if this was what you were asking, Casey, but...Eriq asked that the relationship between Peter and Elizabeth be ended because up to that point all of the character's relationships with African American women (Carla, Jeannie) had been to some degree dysfunctional and the one with Elizabeth had been the healthiest to date. He was worried about the message that sent so, at his request, Peter and Elizabeth broke off their relationship...which I thought was quite passionate and believable. Ironically I didn't think about it being a bi-racial relationship until all of this was brought up...I like her okay with Mark but think she and Peter had something more exciting going. Exciting, in real life though, isn't necessarily better.

-- Diana (, May 24, 2000.

Let me start out saying that I am talking about Peter not Eriq. I seem to remember in the begining of Peter and Elizabeth's relationship that he was hesitant to go out with her and she asked him "is is because I'm white?" and him saying yes. If Jeannie had not been married, I still think that she would have been a better match, Peter is too serious all the time, he needs someone with a sense of humor, Jeannie and Elizabeth both have that. Passion they may have had, but it did burn out too quickly, Elizabeth wanted support from him and he was (understandibly)concerned with his son. I'm not trying to say that they broke up over a bi-racial issue, I don't think that they had anything but work in common and it just didn't work out. On the other hand, I don't like him with Cleo either, she seems cheap and opportunistic. Like his sister told him, I don't think she is serious about him. That look she gave him when he was with Elizabeth last week was about priceless. Maybe they could turn that into some kind of stalker plot line and ease her right on out of the show??? JMO

-- Casey (, May 25, 2000.

Ooh, Casey, love the stalker idea! But then I remembered they already did that...Amanda Lee...guess they could do it again. :) I read somewhere, might have been Phyl's review or another thread, that Peter hasn't been interesting this year and the season finale brought him back to his old self. Maybe that's because he had a 10 second scene with Cleo and the rest with...well, everyone else!

-- Diana (, May 25, 2000.

Was Amanda a stalker, sorry I thought she was just an obsessive nut. Oh well, unfortunately Peter will probably be one of those characters that never commit to anything other than a career and then wake up and wonder what happened to their life.

-- Casey (, May 25, 2000.

Casey's comment raised an interesting point. We've all been talking about the changes Carter's situation will possibly have on him...what about Peter? Someone Carter) he (secretly to this point) admires has shown a very human side, his relationship with Cleo may not go far if his sister is right, the child he loves has a disability, he's around death constantly...if anyone is getting a wake-up call that life is short, it's him. Anyone else think Carter's situation will have an impact on him and, if so, what? I'd like to hear.

-- Diana (, May 25, 2000.

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