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What a great Season Finale! It had great moments, and I was so glad to see everyone come together and try to help Carter, but Peter was the one who got through to him in the end! I am so glad that they have that kind of relationship. Great acting job b/w Eriq and Noah in that scene! It was so believable! I just had to cry when Carter started crying and Peter hugged him. Also, when Peter mentioned Chase, I let out a gasp, because I didn't see that coming! After that scene, I thought that was it, but when they showed Carter on the plane, I was glad they gave us that conclusion. It wouldn't have felt right otherwise. And I was just soooo happy to see Peter right next to Carter on the Plane! It was wonderful! He convinced him to go to Atlanta and he wants to be there for him afterwards too!

And did anyone notice that Peter said that Carter was stubborn and he just may walk out, and that is exactly what he did! That just goes to show Peter knows Carter so well! I was also glad that only those closest to Carter were in that room. It would have been so fake to have Abby or Dave there. And to have Anspaugh there, was great too!

Is it just me, but I have found myself crying in a lot of the recent episodes. I guess, b/c there have been so many emotional moments and I can't help it!

The whole school shooting incident was very scary too. I was so scared for Kovac and Peter. I didn't want them to get hurt. Also, I could see both of their points, but I don't know who was right, or if one of them had to be right. What do you all think? Well, my mom came in on me while I was watching it and she asked what was going on, and I tole her, and she was like, who would care about a guy that just shot and killed people? I said I probably would have done what Luka did. I just love him more and more. The scene where they argue in the ER was great too! Wonderful acting job!

The story with the woman who was pregnant made me very sad. I was wondering through the whole thing, what would make her want to kill her baby. And if she knew she was pergnant, why didn't she just have an abortion a long time ago? Anyway, it was sad to see Luka in this story, b/c his children were killed so it must be hard for him to see a parent voluntarily kill their own child.

I think Abby was right to tell Mark and Kerry, but she might have talked to Carter herself first. However, if she did, he may have dones something drastic like run away because he would be afraid she would tell someone. I think she was just worried about him and meant everything for the best. If she hadn't told them, he might not have gotten help.

This was another wonderful episode, and, surprisingly I did not miss Carol at all! It was great to be able to concentrate on the other characters.

BTW - I loved Peter and Elizabeth's exchange, and I loved even more Cleo's look at them! It was great! Down with Cleo! :)

I cannot wait until next season! 5 months is just way too long to wait!!!

Sorry this was soo long! I always drag on! :)

-- Cassie (, May 19, 2000


I was afraid it woudl end with Luka by the EL too...because we were supposed to get a cliffhanger, I thought that woudl be it...will he get on the plane or won't he? I thought that the phone call that turned out to be legal about Luka's case would really be Benton calling to say Carter ran off. I think I'm glad he didn't.

I agree Abby was right...never suspected she would be the one to bring this about. I love Carter, but his words as he left the first time "and thanks a lot Abby" stung. CARTER, she is RIGHT. Don't be so hard on her. Her telling her she respected him was good of her, he should have accepted that.

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

Let's not be so hard on Carter re Abby. He was in no frame of mind to be nice. I'm sure when he is his old self again he will realize what a favor she did for him and will thank her. I could barely watch this episode. I really want our caring, compassionate Dr. Carter back but he will probably never be exactly the same again. Innocense lost. :(

-- maryann (, May 19, 2000.

No, Carter will probably never be the same. Innocence lost, that's part of growing up.

-- S. Trelles (, May 19, 2000.

HAHA! lol! I'm sorry guys, that just cracked me up-- the line about Carter's innocence lost. I know what you mean, but with all his girlfriends and SOME scenes, don't you think Carter would have lost his innocence a while ago? Sorry that just struck me as funny.

-- Lauren (, May 19, 2000.

Carter was on the roof with Abby when Lucy was being stabbed. Wonder if over time he's realized that too and feels some resentment toward her...and then she goes and turns him in too. In his drug fogged mind it would be easy to develop a strong recentment toward her. I think she did the only thing she could do last night. If she'd been around the ER long enough and knew the relationships, she might have gone to Benton instead of Mark. She didn't run to report Carter either and finally did when Mark noticed she was out of it. I felt sorry for her when she had to be there when Carter was questioned and thought that it wasn't necessary. Kerry and Mark could have confronted him without her presence...they did later.

-- Diana (, May 19, 2000.

Cassie, re what you said about the school shooting, it was definately scary. When Kovac threw himself over that paramedic and the kid, I half wondered if he would get shot. My main thought, though, was "poor Kovac!" I wondered if not only Luka the character, but also if Goran the actor, was thinking of the war. I mean, there was a lot of chaos and the violence with the shooting still going on. Goran served a year in the Croation army during the war. Any thoughts on any of this? (that is, if this makes sense to anyone but me!)

-- kristal (, May 20, 2000.

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