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Well, we all saw trouble brewing for Carter...but, I must say that I thought Abby was WAY out of line, the way she snitched on him. She should have confronted him when she caught him injecting himself and given him the opportunity to talk to Greene or Weaver BEFORE she told them.

The moment outside between Carter and Benton was powerful...but, why does Eric LaSalle always make that face and roll his eyes whenever he is confronted with a situation that might evoke some emotion or intimacy from/with him? We've all been watching...we know his character has that trouble...we don't have to have his continual "mugging" to emphasize the point. After all these years, we need to know that he isn't simply the robotic, surgical superman he's been trying to convince everyone he is. Why can't he let his guard down a little more? I wanted a progression of the emotion from when Carter was stabbed (between Benton and Carter)...instead, we've taken a few giant steps backwards. At least he got on the plane with, maybe there's hope...

As for Luka...I think his character is coming along nicely. I'm glad to see someone still trying to do what's RIGHT...not just what's legal. He really might be a good replacement for Doug Ross, after all. We need to find a romantic interest for him, quickly...because I think his obvious "neediness" in that direction is VERY compelling. There are so many issues about his past and whether he will be able to reconcile it all enough to be in a relationship.

Glad to see Romano breeze back through...he always rubs Elizabeth the wrong way...and I so enjoy that!

Well, it was a melancholy way to end the season...and I guess that's as it should be. We all got our happy ending LAST week...we shouldn't get greedy.

Here's to a summer full of reruns!

-- Shari Moore (, May 18, 2000


I though Benton was wonderful with Carter. After the intervention, there wasn't much else he had to work with. He was getting desperate to just get him in the van and on the plane. I love the interaction between these two. They've always had it.


-- Jody Eddleman (, May 18, 2000.

I don' t think Abby was out of line. I think she did the right thing going to Mark. Carter's actions have been so unpredictable lately that he could have lashed out at her violently -- you never know! I would have done the same thing. She went to the appropriate person and you could tell that she did not enjoy being the person to snitch. She was really caught in a tough spot.

-- amanda (, May 19, 2000.

I have to disagree. Abby did the exact right thing to tell Greene. (For once Abby does the right thing!!!) No way in hell Carter would have EVER told Greene and Weaver. If Abby had told him she knew, he would have busted butt to cover his tracks. He told her she was seeing things for heavens sake. No one else but Deb even saw anything unusual. Benton nothwithstanding, Abby probably saved his life by forcing the issue.

-- S. Trelles (, May 19, 2000.

I don'tthink Abby was out of line either. I wished she had gone to Carter first, but it is a part of her character to be uncertain. I hated that Carter was so rude to her when he knew that what she saw was true, but just as last week, when I was pissed that he lied to Deb, after he broke down I didn't care anymore, I just felt sympathy for him. After he broke down this week, we all knew the way he was acting was mostly out of his (mental) control.

As for Benton, I thought it was perfect. I think he wasn't sure what to do right away, because Carter was so combative, but he reached out to him anyways. I was waiting and waiting to see if Carter'd break down or not...he lost it like 3 times, regained his composure, and then lost it again completely. VERY powerful.

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

Thank you, TPTB, for NOT leaving us hanging all summer! Benton: Loved him, the Lizzy interaction was a nice touch. I never realized how well LaSalle and Wyle worked together. The parking lot confrontation was great, Noah's look just after he hit Benton was great. Like, his face just...crumbled. As Kerry said in a total different context last week..."an earthquake or...swallowed up..." I cannot WAIT for September and *hoping* a welcome back John episode.

Question: Why on earth was Jing-mei/Deb/Chen/whoever in the room with them when they confronted John? Greene yes, Weaver yes, Anspaugh yes, Benton yes. Jing-mei....huh?

Cleo is REALLY getting on my nerves. Benton can't talk to any other women? Do I detect MAJOR jealousy here?

BTW, Kerry/Carter interaction "No, you're not [leaving]." was a nice touch-and somewhat absurd. Here's five foot...four? Kerry, and what, six foot? Carter, and she's blocking the doorway? Right. Shows that Kerry's personality overpowers her stature. Something interesting: Once when Kerry mentioned John's injury, she moved her crutch. I don't know whether that was planned or just natural for Laura Innes, but it was nice anyway.

Loved the episode. I don't think there was a minute where I was bored. Thank heaven they didn't mention...HER. (Hathaway)

-- Monica (, May 19, 2000.

Deb was there because she's been the only character in the past few episodes to consistantly show concern for Carter. Whether or not she's "right" about what's going on with him--(I've seen the b****ing about her), she obviously cares. She visited him when he was still recovering, and she was covering for him while he was out, too. Many of the others are busy right now, and she's the closest thing he has to a friend. That, and they were friends before she showed up again-- back in season one. I always thought they made a good team. They are good foils for each other and I think they bring out interesting aspects in each other. I hope the writers can follow through on that.

-- Lynda (, May 19, 2000.

I was very happy that Jing Mei was there. It showed that Kerry and Mark really do know what's going on sometimes, i.e. they knew that Carter and her are friends, AND they knew that Benton would want to be involved too, whether he liked it or not.

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

I agree, Abbey did the right thing, for once. I was waiting for her to NOT say anything, and ready to jump all over her for going way out of her way to help patients, and ignore her co-workers.

Cleo is getting a little frustrating.

Now, Luka, who I have liked up until now, did start to irritate me tonight. I think that I am just a little tired of seeing what seems to be the same storyline over and over again. Someone in the ER thinks that the patient's decision is wrong, and think that by sheer will, they can change the person's mind, or do what they think is right. I LOVED Doug, but even he made me feel uncomfortable when he did what he thought was right without regard for anyone else. It would be nice to see interaction where the doctor or nurse actually talks to the patient and helps them with the underlying problem that is causing them to make the "wrong" decision. Okay, I am off my soapbox for now.

-- kristi (, May 19, 2000.

I'm quite pleased with the way the Carter thing turned out. I don't think it was wrong of Abby to snitch, yes she did snitch, but she did it for his own good. I'm glad Mark and Kerry talked to him first, then just Mark and then Peter. I think Carter had every right to tell Anspaugh he had no clue, because must likely he didn't. I'm glad Jing-Mei was there because she is the one who's been caring about Carter lately. I agree with Kerry when she asked why they didn't catch it sooner. They should have, we know that, and we have reasons why they didn't, but I'm glad she noticed it too. I rather liked the Carter/Benton interaction at the end. However, there was a line pertaining to Abby being on drugs too, which was said by Carter, that sounded VERY Romano. Carter really seemed to be shocked and angered by this step from his friends, but his face on the plane proved that he knew he needed to do it. It is kind of sad to think of Carter having to go through rehab, though. Ouch.

Also, I was worried that Carter punched Benton for no good reason, just to get him off his back. But I was glad he punched him, because what he said was wrong and it may have just been to pull at Carter's emotions, but Benton shouldn't have said it. If it was to prove a point and Carter to open up, it certainly worked. Carter in Benton's arms, WOW.

-- Joanne (, May 19, 2000.

I was very glad to see Jing Mei there too. She is the closest thing to a friend Carter has in the ER. They have a good rapport (sp?) and I like their relationship (as much as everyone else complains about her). I hope they will continue to make the closer friends next season. I am anxious to see Carter's reactions next season to the people that were involved (Mark. Kerry, Benton, Jing Mei and Abby).

-- amanda (, May 19, 2000.

First of all, I agree that Abby did the right thing in going to Mark. She is a lowly med student after all. Second, I think it was right that Chen was there. Yes, I think her character has been annoying this season, but she has known Carter a long time and has been worried about him since the stabbing.

The scenes with Benton were just right. When Carter walked out I thought "Go, Peter!" and sure enough the writer's knew what to do. Benton knew what to do to get behind Carter's defenses--mention Chase. I thought it was great that Benton was on the plane with him at the end.

I think it's clear Luka has some *issues* with children. He evidently thinks he can save them all or at least try. I did kind of wonder why no one mentioned to the pregnant girl that she would soon have a dead baby inside her if she didn't do the C-section. Did they have to induce labor? Back to Luka--I must like him more than I thought, because I was worried he was going to jump on the El tracks like Gant. I think they need to give his character something to do besides unrequited love affairs and kid-saving.

-- Claudia (, May 19, 2000.

That look that Carter flashed Benton when he brought up Chase -- if looks could kill - very apt, it was like Carter was so outraged "How dare you talk about my cousin that way who I cared about so much" - WHAM! - and then realizing the truth of the situation, he WAS turning into Chase. However for Benton to call Chase a "gork" was a bit much - brutally honest I guess.

-- debbie (, May 19, 2000.

Abby was not out of line at all...she didn't "snitch" either...she thought for a while about whether to say anything and then did only when Mark asked if something was wrong. I could tell by the look on her face that the decision to report what she'd seen was a difficult one. Had she been around the ER longer, I think she'd have gone to Benton, but she didn't know the relationship there or probably Benton very well. At first I questioned Deb being there but quickly realized that she was the one who had gone to Mark last week to ask for someone to help Carter. The rest of the intervention team was perfect...even Anspaugh (I've missed him but love him on THE OTHERS!), who really shouldn't have been there if you want to get technical...he's no longer in charge, but who wanted to see Romano in that scene. Not me! Though I did love his walk through later. Shari, I do agree with you about Luka. I love this guy!

-- Diana (, May 19, 2000.

Abby should have confronted Carter, THEN, when she saw what he was doing. She should have allowed him the option to go to Kerry or Mark, himself. I don't for a minute believe Carter would have...but, that's the only way she could have done the right thing without alienating Carter. If she was really concerned for him, or the patients--and not simply "snitching"--that's what she would have done. It's not as if she could have believed his ability to function was compromised--because he DID save the rugby player.

Maybe this will be an opportunity to set two more characters at odds with each other, ala Romano/Benton/Corday or even Weaver/Ross. That always gives the show a more interesting dynamic, anyway. Since Carter is my favorite person on the show...and Abby is my least favorite NEW person...I couldn't be more pleased.

As for Cleo, even though her acting IS quite wooden...I DID like how quick she was to show her lurking green-eyed monster! This could be an interesting complication for Benton.

Anyway, something major will have to occur next season to redeem Abby in MY eyes, regardless of what anyone else says.

-- Shari Moore (, May 20, 2000.

Welllll....The reality of confronting someone who has just injected stolen narcotics right in the open at work is just plain dangerous. You just can't talk to people in that situation. We all know Carter, but the fact is when someone is on drugs they are not themselves, as has been shown very well lately. Its not important to save the person's feeling, just to save them, any way possible. I thought it extremely brave of Abby to inform (not snitch!) the superiors. As Abby said, she doesn't know Carter well, but he has been very good to her and she can see he is a good doctor and person- imagine seeing him do that. If we hadn't had all the hints and been expecting wouldn't we be shocked and outraged? I was pleased she didn't give herself away to him right there- "What are you Doing?!" sort of thing. That sort of drug seeking behaviour shows he is desperate and I usre wouldn't talk to him without some one else present, not just for safety but for legalities. We saw how he was in complete denial and shifting blame even with Kerry and Mark- imagine him in private. No way. BTW, during the first confrontation, when he was denying so vehemently, I never squirmed so much! Where's John gone to? *Diana: Iloved to see Anspaugh there too. I think he was there because of strength in numbers, and remember their great interaction when Carter was still in surgury and asked A to let him out? That was a great touch to have him there.

-- May (, May 20, 2000.

Yes that was good acting and good camera work in the scene where Carter was first confronted (in the lounge). You were supposed to feel uncomfortable, and the camera being real close on his obviously FAKE smile helped.

-- debbie (, May 20, 2000.

Ooooooh I know, that smile. His face was so manic, like it was being pulled in six differnet directions. Painful. Gosh Wyle is excellent. He really seems to be enjoying this juicey plot.

-- May (, May 21, 2000.

Oh I know, that scene made me so uncomfortable, as if I was Carter himself. He was trying so hard to be casual, but the fact that he was too casual, Mark: "you know what this is about Carter"...Carter: "Oh look, the guy leaves like a millimeter of coffee left". Ouch, I didn't even want to deal with their accusation that was to follow. But NW did it well.

-- Elaine (, May 22, 2000.

Hey Monica, even if no one else is, I'M with you. Deb really ruined that whole scene for me. The whole time I was like, aw man, what the heck is she doing there. She's known him for, what, like a year, TOTAL, while everyone else has known him and worked closely with him for like 5 or 6. I would've much rather seen Chuny there. I suppose they HAD to let her in on it, but IMHO, they really should rethink their opinion of her as a doc. . . bipolar. . .please, what a joke.

-- joy (, May 22, 2000.

Even though Jing-Mei (Deb) hasn't been seen much for the past 5 years, she probably has known Carter longer than anyone. She was a recurring in season 1 as a 3rd year student along with Carter, and they were constantly competing for procedures. She was also the only one who seemed to notice that there was anything odd about Carter's behavior recently.

-- S. Trelles (, May 23, 2000.

Well... something profoundly unrealistic about Abby's going to Mark and Kerry is that they took her seriously. Believe me, in the real world, one lonely med student saying she saw a higher-ranking colleague doing something like that, would not result in a swift intervention. Her report would be ignored, waited on, or possibly swept under the rug because the friends of the higher-ranking colleague would want to protect him, or else simply wouldn't believe it. Doctors, therapists, teachers, etc -- all close ranks and protect their own when a colleague is accused of misconduct. However, I can understand why the writers had instant results happen because of Abby's complaint - because they were down to the last episode of the season.

-- debbie (, May 23, 2000.

But remember, Debbie, that Carter had been exhibiting some odd behavior since his attack, and Mark was already worried about him before Abby came to him. Another thing is that ANY accusation of that sort has to be taken seriously and looked into, even if the accuser is less than reliable or inexperienced. These are doctors we're talking about, and no chances can be taken when it comes to the safety of the patients. And finally, Mark did try to talk to Carter privately to determine what was up, before the big intervention. Carter essentially admitted to Mark that he had a problem, in the scene were Carter was outside smoking: "I had to take more pills just to function." (Paraphrasing.) So, Mark had everything he needed for such intervention--a witness to the drug use, and an admission from the accused. Sad but true.

-- Cecelia (, May 23, 2000.

um, debbie . . . or because when Abby said she thought she'd seen John shooting up, it confirmed suspicions Kerry and Mark didn't want to acknowledge. Go back and look at the past several episodes, starting from Under Control. You can tell from their facial expressions that Kerry and Mark are worried, uncomfortable, or downright suspicious of John's behavior. They think it's emotional: he came back too soon, he's in a lot of pain, he's dealing with a lot. As for drugs, well, "your mind just doesn't go there." Not because it's unthinkable but because you don't want it to. Until someone comes to you, upset, and tells you she's pretty sure she saw that doctor inject a narcotic and try to hide it. And it's confirmed by the chart (injected 150 mikes, not the 200 he drew up). (btw, how much pain he had to be in from the impact with the door, not to even try to make it to the men's room and privacy . . .)

As for Deb being in the room for the intervention: you can't intervene someone without facts. It has no impact; it's gossip and doesn't force the person to confront his behavior. I can see not having Abby in the room - what a terrible thing to do to a med student, and anyway, she'd already confronted him. But Deb was the only person with a cold, hard fact that John couldn't deny, about the Bactrim patient. Without her, John would have gotten away with what he tried: pointing out that his performance hadn't suffered. They would have had to agree with him, and the intervention would have completely failed. Without Deb there, John would have taken control of the room, and his denial would have gone unchallenged.

OT, can I just say that, whether I agree with Luka's behavior (both the chopper thing and the C-section), I really love being given the option by the writers. I much prefer textured characters that don't always do the right thing, even for the right reasons, rather than purely good and purely bad archetypes. Maybe that's why I'm consistently drawn to John Carter, especially this season. That takes good writing and equally good acting.

-- dana (, May 23, 2000.

I agree with the last two posts saying that Abby's observation only confirmed previous behaviour by Carter. I think Mark and Kerry had seen it, but as Mark said , did not want to believe it. Also, why not a med student? Abby would have a lot at stake to lie about something like that so why would she? If she would have lied and they found out about it...I can't imagine what that would do to her graduating from med school and stuff. I don't think they would "pass" her or whatever.

As far as Jing Mei being there. I was glad she was there...she has known Carter since they were med students (longer than anyone else besides Benton and Mark) and are friends. And as someone mentioned, she did have a confirmation of Carter hurting a patient. All in all I thought the group they put together for the confrontation was great. And it was so thoughtful of Kerry to want to keep Romano out of it!

-- amanda (, May 23, 2000.

I enjoyed Deb being there. It made it like it was not an "authoritative" meeting, but a "these are the people who are closest to you and want you to get help" thing. Deb and Benton didn't have to be there at all, but Mark and Kerry knew them to be friends of Carter's, and thought they coudl be affective in helping them convince him to go.

As the intervention being too was a bit unrealisitic, but after Mark talked to him and he outright admitted: "I had to take more just to function", he decided, "we have to do this tonight." I guess it's not safe to wait, they didn't know how long he could have been doing this, or how much physical/mental trouble he was in from it.

-- Elaine (, May 23, 2000.

Well, I respect everyone else's opinion, but I still disagree. There are people I have known since elementary school, but that does not mean that we are good friends. He only knew her for a few months the first time she was at CCG, and then their relationship was mostly antagonistic. They've never hung out outside the hosspital that we've seen (unless you count Carter's going to her house after she quit) and I would think there would be other people he's been friendly with for all of his 6 years at CCG that could have been there instead (like Chuny). And if Deb cares so much for Carter, why DIDN'T she try to draw him out a little, maybe try to get him to go out after work or something, instead of just asking him what was wrong and then running to Mark with her "diagnosis"?

-- joy (, May 24, 2000.

i agree joy, if she cared so much, why didnt she ask him our for coffee, and try to be there for him. maybe if he had someone to confide in, or talk to, he wouldnt be in such bad shape.

-- ALexis Springer (, May 24, 2000.

That's what I was really looking for too...I wish Deb or Mark or Benton had invited him out, to see how he really was. Malucchi should have invited him to "Rage against the Machine"! Not that Carter would want to go! Maybe they do do this kind of stuff, we just don't see it. In fact, Lucy was the last person we heard of Carter doing anything outside of work with, and that was usually studying. The need to focus on friendships next season, we haven't really seen ANYONE outside work together, except couples.

-- Elaine (, May 24, 2000.

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