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These are my thoughts regarding tonight's episode - in no particular order:

1. When Mark & John were in the ambulance bay: where did Mark get those God-awful shoes???

2. After Elizabeth went to talk to the kid's father: Did Cleo look stupid in that close up or what?? GET RID OF HER!!!

3. When the shooter came out of the school still shooting: Did anyone else orignally think Peter was running away to save his hide? Wasn't it gallant of Luka to stay and throw his body over the flight nurse and the victim! SAVE ME LUKA, SAVE ME!!!!

4. Regarding the cop at the school: It was good to see Randolph Mantooth back in a EMERGENCY! situation. I used to love him when he was John Gage. Is there anybody on this site who remembers that show (Emergency!)

5. When Abby was sitting at the table w/Kerry and Mark and when she was trying to explain to John: Didn't you just want to slap her and tell her to grow a backbone? Be a grown-up for heaven's sake, Abby!

6. How many knew from the start that the pregnant chick stabbed herself? Were you cheering Luka on when he decided he was going to go ahead with the C-section?

7. Do you all think that this episode lived up to the hype? I was expecting a really explosive situation with Carter. I am disapointed with the over-all episode although there were parts that were stellar.

8. You can all come on down to Atlanta & visit John over at Charter Peachford and I'll let you stay here at my place.

9. I love Luka more than I thought I did. Maybe he could come visit John and stay here too!

Good Night!

-- Linda (, May 18, 2000


Hi Linda, I noticed the gross clogs too! I thought why am I noticing these ugly shoes in such an important scene?! Cleo was definitely jealous of Peter and Elizabeth, but I really think Elizabeth and Mark are going to stay together. Maybe we will see a mean, nasty, jealous side of Cleo and Peter will get sick of it and dump her. I disagree about Abby, I thought she did the right thing to go to Mark and Kerry. Carter has been so unpredictable lately, honestly, I would have been afraid to confront him (he could have blown up and physically hurt her). That pregnant girl disgusted me. When Luka said he thought she stabbed herself I was not surprised at all. I too love Luka! I thought he was right in taking the little boy via copter over the shooter. I also thought he was right to fight so hard for the unborn child. I think he is sickened by seeing so many people who have a worthless view of life (the drug addict who got the kidney, the girl and the baby, the shooter, etc.) when he knows how precious life really is. I'll say it again -- I love Luka!!

-- amanda (, May 19, 2000.

Mark's awful shoes were too obvious, yuck! But I loved this scene. For those who read this often, I was waiting for a better Mark/Carter scene...and that it was in the ambulance bay reminded me of Post Mortem. I liked that Carter appreciated Mark's "let me deal with this" and slap on the back...and then later he wasn't combative when Mark asked him to step back from working on the patient...he didn't want to piss Mark off.

I was alittle worried that Benton was saving his own ass, like Linda thought, but when I saw him with another kid, I was VERY relieved. Luka jumping over those two people was a good touch.

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

SInce everyone seems to have a big problem with the clogs - see the explanation at the "charged with murder?" thread. I think they were striving for realism as docs. really DO wear those nerdy shoes in the hospital all the time.

-- Chava (, May 19, 2000.

Another thought - Luka is probably used to dodging bullets and protecting those in the area from his Bosnian days.

-- Chava (, May 19, 2000.

i have said this before and i will say it again- what in the world do you people have against cleo? why are you all constantly hating on her every episode. it is one thing to hate her and bentons relationship, i too thinks it is a bit contrived but many of you have some personal hatred for her character. Explain to me why???? also IMO benton and elizabeth had far more chemistry as a couple the she and dr greene will ever have. i dont hear and hue and cry that they be reunited though, why is that? last night the old chemistry came back and even cleo could see it.

finally, what do you people have against clogs? they happen to be very in shoes so it seems to me that a lot of you are far out of the fashion loop. end of rant

-- dawn (, May 19, 2000.

I'm with Dawn on the "hating Cleo" thing. She doesn't necessarily rub me the wrong way, and I liked her scene with Benton and Lizzie. It brought to my mind the thoughts that Jackie shared with Benton ... that Cleo really wasn't interested in him. Cleo's obvious jealousy may be a sign that Jackie was wrong. If Cleo didn't care about Peter one way or the other, I don't think she would have reacted as she did. I thought it was classic!

-- Sidnee (, May 19, 2000.

For the record I am wearing very cool black clogs today! But I wouldn't want to see them on my husband.

Cleo - I said this before on another thread and jealousy is a sign of a woman who is not confident. If you know you have a good relationship with someone then jealousy should not be an issue. That goes for men and women.

-- Lisa (, May 19, 2000.

P.S. Please don't put clogs on Luka!!!

-- Lisa (, May 19, 2000.

Lisa - I totally agree with you about Cleo. However, I didn't just think it was about her insecurity about her relationship -- it also seemed like she lacked the sense of professional pride that made Elizabeth and Peter so triumphant after they came out of an astonishingly successful surgery. I've never liked Cleo less than at that moment; she seemed petty in so many ways at once. Yuck.

-- Elizabeth (, May 19, 2000.

1. I did notice Mark's shoes, they'd look better on a woman. 2. Cleo's look should be the look of the week for the review. 3. I thought "Peta" was running for his life too, was glad to see him with child. 5. I think Abby did the right thing by talking to Mark first. 6. I knew the pregnant girl had stubbed herself when she said she didn't know she was pregnant, you could see on Cleo's face. BTW, I thought Cleo was great during that plot. 7. I loved the episode, I'm glad it didn't an explosive ending. I didn't want to suffer all Summer long wondering what happened to Carter. 8. I might take you up on that and visit Carter! 9. I really like Luka now, we can see more of his personality and what he's all about. BTW, I thought he was going to jump into the the train's rail, I kept saying; "No, they can't do this to Luka!!!! It was SO sad to see him sitting there alone, crying. :(

-- Nica (, May 19, 2000.

Linda, I remember Randolph Mantooth from Emergency 51. He was my first poster on my bedroom wall. And he still looks good!

I actually tolerated Cleo tonight. The way she talked to Luka at the end was so good.

-- AmyE (, May 19, 2000.

Linda, I agree with you about the look on Cleo's face. It seemed she was trying to show emotion, but didn't quite know how! Yes,I remember Gage on Emergency. Been a few years hasn't it? Yes, I knew the pregnant girl had stabbed herself. I still don't understand why a C- section grossed her out more than giving birth to a dead baby. Overall I think it was a pretty good epi--not great, but pretty darn close.

-- Claudia (, May 19, 2000.

Hey, regarding the clogs, I noticed these ugly things on Mark back in an episode where Doug had to choose the movies with Carol or basketball with Mark. Carol made him go with Mark, and in that scene I noticed the ugly ugly shoes. But hey! Carol wore them all the time. Kerry did once or twice I think. Strangley enough Doug never did. But hey if you wanna talk shoes, talk about Carter's radioactive ones.

-- chris (, May 19, 2000.

I was really glad when I realized that Peter hadn't run away.

Carter is my favorite character but there is just something about Benton. He is just

-- Rusty Priske (, May 19, 2000.

Claudia, I think part of the reason the girl was so adamant about not having a c-section was that if she did she would not be able to hide that from her parents. Another ? I just thought of...did they ever mention her age? Wouldn't they need parental consent for a surgery for someone under 18?

-- amanda (, May 19, 2000.

Good answer, Amanda. I didn't take that into account.

-- Claudia (, May 19, 2000.

the reason she didnt choose the c-section over giving birth to a dead baby, is that because if they did a c-section, she would have a baby, she didnt want a baby, she wanted it to die, that is why she stabbed it. anyhow, the girk was 18or 19, the paramedics said when they brought her in, they found her at the college. so, thats why they didnt call her parents, she is legally an adult.

-- ALexis Springer (, May 19, 2000.

girk=girl, lol@ my typos!!

-- ALexis Springer (, May 19, 2000.

Here's my responses by number: 1. When I saw the shoes, I thought: Who's going to say something on the website about those ugly things. The socks didn't help any either...if they'd been the color of his pants or his shoes, it wouldn't have been so bad. I also wondered how they could distract me so much during such a powerful scene. 2. Cleo--maybe she can go to acting classes this summer while Carter's in rehab! At least twice now (once in "All in the Family" and then last night just after Elizabeth walked away) Peter has asked Cleo, "What's wrong?" because it was simply in the script, not because you could tell there was anything wrong by her FACE! Even a great actor like Eriq can't overcome this! 3. I too thought Peter was running at first. I actually said, "where are YOU going?" 4. I had a major crush on Johnny Gage...remember when he got bitten by the monkey and almost died...oops, another show. 5. I thought Abby was great in last night's epi. She did the right thing and possibly saved Carter's life and/or career. And she even looked better. 6. Yep, knew she'd done herself. The whole thing about her was so sad. 7. This is going on my list of my favorite episodes. It felt like 6 minutes, not 60! 8. Maybe we can get in on "family week," Linda! and 9. Luka has moved up my list of favorites to near the top.

-- Diana (, May 19, 2000.

Great minds think alike, people! I, too, thought Benton was running for cover. I am so glad he wasn't, though. I kind of thought Luka thought so, too. Right before Luka threw his body over that boy and young woman he seemed to be watching Peter like, "Where do you think you're going?"

Yes, Diana, it was the combo of Mark's shoes AND socks that made him look so strange. For me, it was actually the odd color of the socks that called my attention to his shoes. Everyone says doctors and nurses wear them all the time. Okay, fine but they still looked weird!

As for Cleo's apparent jealousy, it really disgusted me. I mean, here she is, a pediatrician of all things, and she can't even share happily in the news that a little boy's life was saved?? That is so petty.

And there is no "hue and cry" to have Elizabeth and Benton back together because we all know there is no way that will happen. Eriq LaSalle nixed that.

-- Annie (, May 20, 2000.

Umm clogs are not in style that much anymore, at least not to wear with socks. Slides and mules are much more in style.

-- Alexasndra (, May 20, 2000.

I can't believe no one has noticed the clogs before. Carol wore them all the time and no one complained, most everyone has. On the realsim side, these people walk miles every day on a hard floor and can't afford to be cute in dressy shoes. On the characterization side, Mark has never been overly fussy about his appearance (remember he wore scrubs for the first three years), that's part of his character's appeal, yes? They were strangley obvious in that scene (camera angle) but it's amazing anyone could care; I just always smile because they're funny, not really ugly.

-- May (, May 20, 2000.

While I was watching the show, my husband chimed in with his mockery of the clogs. I gently swatted him on the head--he thinks I have a huge crush on Anthony Edwards and just wanted a chance to bust on him. Although I admit, I was a little distracted by the camera angle myself, I didn't want to pay attention to shoes at that moment!

-- Cecelia (, May 20, 2000.

First of all I have to address the clog issue. I don't care what you say, even if real doc's wear them, or they're "in." They are still hideous. Especially the ones Anthony Edwards was wearing. Real doc's wear sneakers all the time, why couldn't he wear those? They totally distracted from the scene, I was chuckling to hard to concentrate. Second, I've said it a million times and I'm sure I'll say it a million more, but I like Cleo. I like Michael Michele. I think she is a good actress. I have to say I totally agree with Sidnee - Jackie told Peter that Cleo was just having fun with him, and well, I hate to disapoint you sister, but she obviously likes him a lot. If she was just having fun with him, then she wouldn't have looked so jealous. Which I have to say Michael did a great job at. The whole Peter/Cleo thing looks like it could heat up and be really interesting next season. I also must mention that I think Cleo was excellent in the pregnant girl plot. You could totally tell that she knew the girl knew she was pregnant, and that she agreed with Luka that the girl probably stabbed herself, and that she should have a c- section, but that she knew they couldn't do that no matter what the consequences were. You could see how disgusted she was with the girl, but she knew they had absolutely no right to cut her open if she didn't want it. Any way, I did like this eppy, and I can't wait till the next season starts! Happy summer reruns everyone! :)

-- Lindz (, May 20, 2000.

In one of the messages above, Dawn wanted to know what "you people" have against Cleo, and she wanted explanations. Dawn, I think most people do explain in their posts why they hate Cleo. They say her acting is bad, she's very wooden, she never changes her facial expression, she's been slobbering all over Peter until the last couple of episodes, she had that unprofessional snit with Elizabeth by going behind her back to Peter, she seems too cocky...Yes, she has some good points, she seems to be good with the children, but those are the things people seem to complain about the most. Hope that clears it up.

-- Cecelia (, May 21, 2000.

OK guys - if you want a real laugh. Go to the local hospital and find a studly surgeon - and check out his shoes. There is something SO incongruous about the plastic clogs and the scrubs - but you'll see 'em everywhere from the surgeon to the anesthesiologist to the scrub nurse. Clean up great and are easy on the legs. What more can you want?

-- Chava (, May 22, 2000.

Linda, thanks for the tip about the "Emergency" actor--I KNEW that guy looked familiar, but couldn't place him! :)

-- Carla (, May 22, 2000.

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